Astrology and Compatibility


Everyone has heard the old line “What?s your sign?”  While it is often used jokingly, there are many people who believe you can find a compatible partner based on his or her birth date and astrological sign.

Compatibility with a partner is based on many factors.  Many people believe that astrology is a very important one.

Astrology has to do with drawing connections between planetary positions and events here on Earth.  Some people believe all things are correlated to astrological phenomena and, therefore, make decisions based on horoscopes.

It is understandable, then, why so many people want to know if they?re picking the right partner based on his or her zodiac sign.  Astrology compatibility is complex and fascinating.

There are four elements (earth, air, fire and water) and every sign of the zodiac is correlated to one.

  • Fire signs: Sagit­tar­ius, Leo, Aries
  • Air signs: Gem­ini, Aquar­ius, Libra
  • Earth signs: Tau­rus, Capri­corn, Virgo
  • Water signs: Pisces, Can­cer, Scorpio

The best matches are the ones that are between the same element. Complementary elements are also considered good matches.  Fire and Air are complementary as are Earth and Water.

There is a bit more to it and it can get confusing and complicated if you are not an astrologer.  Luckily, all you have to do is take a peek at the charts below to get the answers you are looking for. First locate your birthday (and your partner?s) on the first chart and then take a look at the horoscope compatibility chart below!

What?s Your Sign?

Your BirthdayYour Sign
March 21st through April 20thAries (Fire sign)
April 21st through May 20thTaurus (Earth sign)
May 21st through June 20thGemini (Air sign)
June 21st through July 21stCancer (Water sign)
July 22nd through August 21stLeo (Fire sign)
August 22nd through September 21stVirgo (Earth sign)
September 22nd through  October 22ndLibra (Air sign)
October 23rd through November 21stScorpio  (Water sign)
November 22nd through December 20thSagittarius (Fire sign)
December 21st through January 19thCapricorn (Earth sign)
January 20th through February 18thAquarius (Air sign)
February 19th through March 20thPisces ( Water sign)

Horoscope Compatibility Chart

Your signCompatible SignsLeast Compatible Signs
AriesLeo or Sagittarius Cancer or Capricorn
TaurusVirgo or CapricornLeo or Scorpio
GeminiLibra or AquariusVirgo or Sagittarius
CancerScorpio or PiscesAries or Capricorn
LeoAries or SagittariusAquarius or Taurus
VirgoTaurus or CapricornGemini or Pisces
LibraGemini or AquariusCancer or Aries
ScorpioCancer or PiscesAquarius or Taurus
SagittariusAries or LeoPisces or Gemini
CapricornTaurus or VirgoAries or Cancer
AquariusGemini or LibraScorpio or Leo
PiscesCancer or ScorpioSagittarius or Gemini
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