Natal Mercury in Gemini

When a person has his natal Mercury in Gemini, it is considered in domicile and thus in its highest potency. Mercury is at home, functioning at full speed, and the only other sign where he can be as powerful is in Virgo, which is also ruled by him and even contains his point of exaltation. This is a perfect placement to have in a natal chart, as all his powers can flow without any blocking or influences from other (and maybe contradictory) energies and planets. Of course, this can be a double-edged knife, as it may appear quite difficult to tame such a powerful Mercury. As Mercury generally governs our intellect and communication, Gemini energy will make the native’s information flow very fast.

People with Mercury in Gemini tend to be intensely curious: they want to know everything about everything! The problem is that they run the risk of wanting to learn many things at the same time, often having to divide their attention. This means that they do not continue with many of the projects that they undertake. That is, they end up starting everything and finishing almost nothing!

When this tendency is taken to extremes, it causes the person to talk about various topics, but not master any of them in depth. Another problem can be indecision, since for them it is possible to consider any situation from many points of view. So they often change their minds very frequently, something that can confuse others. For this reason, it is not uncommon for them to gain a reputation for being volatile or fast.

Only Mercury in Aquarius can match this position with regard to mental originality. The ingenious minds of the natives are proficient at discovering surprising new solutions to problems and emergencies.

These people need to have a good education as they grow up in order to make better use of their brainpower. This position is common among scientists, mathematicians, IT and computer science professionals, secretaries, designers, writers, reporters, journalists, teachers, and speakers.

If Mercury is under a lot of stress in Gemini, there can be endless talk about trivial matters. This position in the chart can also reveal a tendency to stray from your objectives and lose your main focus. Precisely what we have already said about wanting to learn a lot and not delve into anything, or start and not finish projects.

People with a well-developed position of Mercury in Gemini are capable of deep logical and scientific thinking. In general, they know many topics and can communicate easily, quickly and accurately, both in speech and in writing. They usually handle symbols and puzzles very well, and they also have an excellent vocabulary, something that is one of their secrets for communicating and expressing themselves so well.

People with this position have a very sensitive nervous system, which makes it more difficult to avoid external stimuli. All the conversation and activity around them registers vividly and vividly in their minds. This makes them have to deal with many thoughts and impressions at the same time.

Your agile mind has the ability to register two impressions or have two thoughts almost simultaneously. However, if they are subjected to busy and complex environments for a long time, their nerves can be destroyed. Tiredness, confusion and irritation may appear.

Therefore, they need periods of isolation to calm down and focus their mind. However, Mercury is at home with the sign of Gemini, a sign of his natural rulership. If he is well aspected, pure and logical reasoning can be brought to its fullest expression.

The Mercury-Gemini man can be a more versatile person, less prejudiced and impersonal in his ability to perceive the truth. He is more concerned with facts than with attitudes and personal preferences.

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