What Do The 12 Houses Mean In Astrology?

The Astrological Houses represent the twelve unequal sections into which the Celestial Sphere is divided. There are several systems of division of Astrological Houses. But the most common is the one that considers them as fixed sections with respect to the horizon and that begins with House I which is the House of the Ascendant, and then they continue in the reverse order to the hands of the clock until arriving at House XII. Therefore, the planets pass through all these Houses every 24 hours. The Houses are the result of the divisions of the daily cycle of the Earth in its rotational movement, and the movement of the constellations arise from the movement of the Earth around the Sun.

Each of these Astrological Houses has a special meaning and depending on the planet in them, or the Sun or the Moon and the aspects between them acquire great importance in the personal horoscope, hence the importance of having the astral chart made by a Professional astrologer since each of these Houses are well highlighted and where the stars were at the time, place and time of each one’s birth.


HOUSE 1 – House of Personality, of Being, which indicates physical appearance, body type, health in general, vitality, temperament, unconscious attitudes, the way he faces life, his mannerisms, in short, the first impression a person makes on us.

HOUSE 2 – The House of Resources, material possessions that include money, talents, values, the five senses, the feeling of self-worth and self-worth.

HOUSE 3 –  The House of communications and relationships, the primary environment in which one develops, experiences and learning, brothers and sisters, neighbors, acquisition of motor skills, language, education, movement in the immediate environment, the psychological adjustments of the person.

HOUSE 4 – The House of the Home and the mother or father of the family. That of emotional bases, parents, relatives, the unconscious, heredity, genetics, real estate, conditions towards the end of life, the grave.

HOUSE 5 – The House of Creativity and Self-expression. Love, romance, children, arts, recreation, entertainment, theater, games, parties, gifts, speculation, gambling.

HOUSE 6 – The House of Health and service, work hygiene, diet or food, brief illnesses, jobs, service to others, servants and employees, tools and instruments, operating expenses, involuntary work, utilities, pets.

HOUSE 7 – “The others”, that is, the House of social relationships, of “the others” relationships with other people, close friends, lovers, marriages, free unions, business partners, roommates, contracts, divorces, lawsuits, lawsuits, diplomacy.

HOUSE 8 – The House of Crisis, of sex, birth and death, rebirth, reincarnation, the occult, other people’s resources, losses, taxes, insurance, money that has not been earned, renunciations, letting go of others, secret knowledge.

HOUSE 9 – The House of Higher Education, higher studies, philosophy, travel, professions, science and law particularly, the search for the meaning of life, wisdom, the spiritual path, the way each person conceives the world, personal perception of God and religion.

HOUSE 10 – The House of Honors and Profession, of public image, success in work and fame, ambition, reputation, prestige, social position, father (sometimes mother) authority figures or superiors in work, service, family, employers, the goals for which the native fights in life and for which he will be remembered.

HOUSE 11 – The House of friends and the future. Hopes, wishes, projects, plans, humanist ideals, clubs, professional contacts, communes, unions, political parties, work groups, revolutionary changes, revolts, social rebellion

HOUSE 12 – The House of limitations and the brake. Formerly it was called “the House of personal undoing” or “the hell of the zodiac” or the “House of the evil God or the Demon”, but all these concepts have been transformed, or nevertheless it is considered that it is the House in which the hidden enemies, chronic illness, hospitalization, estrangement, imprisonment, loneliness, debt, punishment, karma, crying, grief, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, charity, meditation, research, behind-the-scenes activities.

The Importance Of Getting An Astral Chart

In your Natal Chart the qualities of the astrological houses are indicated by the position of the planets that occupy it. However, when there are no planets in a House it does not mean that there are no experiences in that aspect. In that case, the astrologer analyzes the qualities of the planet that governs that House and also the aspects between them, since generally the meanings of the Twelve Houses are closely related to the meaning of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac.

1.-Do you know in which House your natal planets are located?

2.-In which House was the Sun when you were born?

3.-In which House was Mars at the time of his birth?

4.-When to use plant energy to start a business or start a relationship successfully?

Knowing this can make the big difference between success and failure, love or forgetfulness, personal development or stagnation.

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