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Basic numerology plays an important part in our affairs in one way or the other, even keeping an appointment depends on numerology for the time. Numerology is spoken of in the bible and an ancient sage, Phythagoras, founded a school devoted to studying this arcane science and the effects on the human body: physically, mentally and emotionally. Thus this science grew and flourished and it became widely practiced as people began to accept and recognize the great impact Numerology vibrations have in our lives.

Numerology is complimentary to Astrology readings since Numerology is based on the numerical viberations in your name and birthdate and Astrology is calculated using planets and their placements in the various houses at the time and place of your birth.

Numerology is nothing new as people have been practicing numerology for over 2500 years. A simple definition of numerology is the study of numbers and how numbers relate to people and objects. Always keep in mind that numerology does not predict the future instead numerology explains the significance of the numbers in our life and reveals what those numbers represent about us as a person. The belief is all the numbers in our lives have meaning, a purpose as to why they exist. Discover the meaning and relationship of numbers that you are associated with shall help you gain a better insight to your life.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Numbers

Life Path Number

This is calculated using your birthdate and represents the path you’re on in life, your core essence, and the opportunities and challenges you may encounter.  The first step in calculating your own numerology numbers is to start with the life path number. This number is most significant of all the numerology numbers and is viewed as a blueprint to one’s life. To learn further about the life path number and how to calculate your own life path number visit the link Life Path Number.

Birthday Number

The birthday number is one of the easiest numbers in numerology to calculate. This number which is directly calculated from your date of birth reveals your specific talents and characteristics. This is simply the day of the month you were born on and can provide additional insights into your personality and tendencies. To learn how to calculate the birthday number, click this Birthday Number link to get started.

Challenge Numbers

There are 4 unique challenge numbers that are calculated from your date of birth. The challenge numbers represent notable challenges within your life; these challenges may consist of life obstacles, hurdles or difficulties. To learn how to calculate your challenge numbers visit Challenge Numbers now.

Pinnacle Numbers

The pinnacle numbers in numerology represent those major changes that are to take place within our life. A person has four pinnacle numbers which are calculated from your date of birth. These are also derived from the name and birthdate and represent significant turning points or opportunities for growth throughout your life. To learn how to calculate your pinnacle numbers click Pinnacle Numbers for a simple demonstration.

Expression Number

The expression number in numerology is associated with one’s destiny. This number is determined from your full birth name. This is derived from the full name given at birth and reveals your natural talents, abilities, and potential. To see how you can determine your own expression number, just click Expression Number now.

Heart’s Desire Number

Heart’s desire number reveals a person inner passion and desire. Also known as the Soul Urge Number, it is derived from the vowels in your full birth name and reveals your inner motivations, desires, and what truly fulfills you. To view how to figure your heart’s desire number click Heart’s Desire Number to see a demonstration.

Personality Number

The personality number reflects how others see you. This numerology number is determined from your full birth name. To see how to calculate the personality number click Personality Number now.

Hidden Passion Number

The hidden passion number reveals talents and skills that you may not be aware of. This is derived from the numerical representation of the vowels in your name and indicates passions or interests that may be less obvious but deeply influential in your life. This number is determined from your name and is easily demonstrated by clicking Hidden Passion Number now.

Balance Number

The balance number in numerology is the number that influences specific ways to deal with life’s challenges and difficult times. This number is derived from your full legal name. It is calculated using the numerical representation of your name and birthdate and indicates areas where you may seek balance or harmony in your life. To learn how to determine your balance number, click the Balance Number link to see how.

Subconscious Self Number

In numerology the subconscious self number reflects a person’s confidences when dealing with sudden change. This number is calculated from your name and the karmic lesson chart. Visit Subconscious Self Number to learn how to determine your own subconscious self number.

Period Cycles

Numeric period cycles are 3 cycles in numerology that reflect you from the time of birth until your death. These are determined by your birthdate and reveal the different phases and opportunities you will encounter throughout your life. These 3 cycles are calculated from your life path number. Visit Numeric Period Cycles to learn how to determine your 3 period cycles.

Karmic Lesson Chart

This chart reveals specific lessons or challenges you may face in this lifetime based on the numerical patterns in your birthdate and name. In numerology the karmic lesson chart is a representation of specific weaknesses a person has that when used correctly will improve life greatly. To learn further about this chart visit Karmic Lesson Chart for more information.

Why Follow Numerology?

Numerology is one such method to obtaining a better understanding of your present day life and your future. There are many mysteries to life, by looking at things from a different approach, a numerical approach it is then possible to discover deeper meanings which can further enhance our lives. By following numerology an individual will gain a greater insight to their current life and have the opportunity to create a better future.

In numerology everyone has a set of numbers which are calculated from your date of birth or your name. Calculating your numbers is simple as it only involves some basic math skills. Throughout this website you will be shown how to calculate your own numerology numbers and interpret their meaning. If you are just getting started to learning numerology this site shall help you greatly, you may also want to obtain your personalized free numerology report to see how a professional numerologist evaluates you as well.

There is no need for an Astrology Chart to use these and neither must you have a Numerology Reading to understand your Astrology Charts. Basically, Numerology chart Readings are light years ahead with more precise information that you can use to empower you in all your life experiences.

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