What is Karmic Lesson Chart in Numerology?

In numerology it is believed that in life we all have certain strengths and certain weaknesses. The Karmic Lessons in numerology are certain weaknesses we have and need to improve on to lead a better life.

How do you calculate your Karmic Lessons?

To calculate your Karmic Lessons in numerology you start with your full birth name, the one on your birth certificate and find the missing numbers among the letters in your name. You may one none, one or several Karmic Lessons.

A = 1

J = 1

S = 1

B = 2

K = 2

T = 2

C = 3

L = 3

U = 3

D = 4

M = 4

V = 4

E = 5

N = 5

W = 5

F = 6

O = 6

X = 6

G = 7

P = 7

Y = 7

H= 8

Q = 8

Z = 8

I = 9

R = 9

Above is the chart we refer to assign number to the letters of one’s name

For an example I will use President Obama’s full birth name as on his birth certificate.

Barack Hussein Obama

  • The number 1 occurs 6 times
  • The number 2 occurs 3 times
  • The number 3 occurs 2 times
  • The number 4 occurs 1 time
  • The number 5 occurs 2 times
  • The number 6 occurs 1 time
  • The number 7 occurs 0 times
  • The number 8 occurs 1 time
  • The number 9 occurs 2 times

As you can see the number 7 Does Not occur within the President’s full birth name therefore Karmic Lesson 7 applies to the President

What do the Karmic Lessons Represent?

Karmic Lesson 1

You need to be more independent and make you own decisions. Take more initiative in your life and be stronger. Stand up for your rights and be heard.

Karmic Lesson 2

Be more patient and sensitive. Learn to be more understanding and more of a team player. Do not jump to conclusions; get the facts before you interact.

Karmic Lesson 3

You take life far too serious and need to stop being so critical of yourself and those around you. Enjoy life for awhile and stop finding fault within everything.

Karmic Lesson 4

You lack organization and direction in life. You need to stick to your goals and not give up when things go bad. Good things come with hard work.

Karmic Lesson 5

You need to start taking chances and begin new experiences in life. You are plain and boring, you need to start having some faith in yourself and try new things.

Karmic Lesson 6

You fear commitment and shy away from responsibility. You are bad at personal relationships and rarely show your true emotions. You must work at overcoming these hang-ups you have as they prevent your from happiness.

Karmic Lesson 7

You fail to discipline yourself to refine a specific talent. You need to be more critical of yourself without putting yourself down. Do not take things at face value for you need to do greater research before you buy in.

Karmic Lesson 8

You have a great knack for making money but you need to exercise more caution as this has cost you greatly before. You dislike authority for you are stubborn and feel you already know everything. Know your limitations as you do exceed them from time to time.

Karmic Lesson 9

You are in need of sensitivity training. You lack compassion and understanding along with a narrow viewpoint. This mindset is holding you back in life.

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