What is the Balance Number in Numerology?

The Balance Number in numerology suggests effective ways to cope with challenges and difficult circumstances. Your personal Balance Number under normal circumstances is a minor influence but when experiencing turmoil or hectic times a person will turn to their Balance Number for guidance. Focusing on your Balance Number in troubled times can bring stability back to your life.

How Do I calculate My Personal Balance Number in Numerology?

The Balance Number is calculated by adding the numerical value of your initials of your full legal name given to you at birth. This would be the name that appears on your birth certificate. This is a simple math calculation as I will show you using President Obama’s full birth name of Barack Hussein Obama.

 There are 3 initials of B H O. We then need to assign the numerical value to each initial. This is done by referring to the chart below.

A = 1J = 1S = 1
B = 2K = 2T = 2
C = 3L = 3U = 3
D = 4M = 4V = 4
E = 5N = 5W = 5
F = 6O = 6X = 6
G = 7P = 7Y = 7
H= 8Q = 8Z = 8
I = 9R = 9

The letter B is assigned the value of 2

The letter H is assigned the value of 8

The letter O is assigned the value of 6

We then add 2 + 8 + 6 = 16 then reduce the 16 as 1 + 6 = 7

President Obama’s Balance Number is 7

What Does the Balance Number Represent?

Balance Number 1

You need to open up and express your problems to friends and family. You have a tendency to keep your troubles among yourself and disappear as you deal with them. When offered advice about your troubles, listen with open ears as you do not always hold the answers. You possess great strength, creativity and are brave, these characteristics are key for getting past your troubles.

Balance Number 2

When troubled times approach you need to be more courageous and less emotional. Toughen up some and face the problems instead of the tendency to ignore them. Be optimistic and look for a compromise and not let the situation get out of hand. You are sensitive and need to control yourself; the key is to balance your emotions. This approach will bring the best results.

Balance Number 3

When problems in life arise you must be more optimistic and loose. You are wound way too tight causing you to overreact making things worse. Tune down your emotions and be more objective. Do not take everything so personal doing that prevents you from seeing the big picture.

Balance Number 4

To get through the hard times in life you will need to exercise more self discipline and control your emotions. Try to look at things at a different perspective and control the anger. You tend to see things only your way. Understand the value of compromise as there are many viewpoints you fail to see.

Balance Number 5

You need to face your problems head on and stop avoiding them. When experiencing troubles you are known to escape into food, shopping, alcohol or even drugs. You have the smarts to solve your own problems once you face them, the key is focus.

Balance Number 6

You are a very understanding person and this is your best weapon to dissolve life’s problems. Do not rely on the aid friends and family to solve your issues you need to rise up and take responsibility and come up with the solution.

Balance Number 7

You have a tendency to run and hide from your problems. You are intelligent and fully have the necessary abilities to solve your problems as long as you can control your anger and emotions. Stay calm and focus, things will work out.

Balance Number 8

You are a person of power and creativity. You are known to be manipulator rather than a problem solver. Use your powerful persona, take responsibility and meet the issues at hand on. Sell your solution to others in need instead of forcing it on them.

Balance Number 9

You tend to see yourself more important than others and this prevents you from accepting the simple solutions to your problems. You have great understanding and unique perspective on life. Understand that you are not a golden child and the problems you have are not different than anyone else’s.

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