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Why the name “Your Astro Codex”?

Your Astro Codex was created by thanks to a shared need to make some knowledge easily available online, with the ambition to provide some sort of astrological encyclopedia that potentially interested people could use to analyze their own natal chart. Because of that, we thought that the name “Your Astro Codex” perfectly fits with our activity: various astrological blog posts (or ebooks) that could be held together, and ultimately form a complete manual.

YourAstroCodex.com is a rich resource that offers a plethora of free articles, features, interpretations, and tools catering to individuals with a casual interest in learning astrology, as well as those at various stages of expertise, ranging from beginners to advanced students. The site is expertly curated and managed by astrologer Liudmyla, who brings her knowledge and passion for astrology to create a valuable platform. Whether you’re seeking to expand your understanding of astrological concepts, explore in-depth interpretations, or utilize practical tools for astrological analysis, “Your Astro Codex” offers a comprehensive and accessible experience for anyone eager to delve into the captivating world of astrology.

Uniting NASA Data and Human Astrologers through AI-Powered Insights

Your Astro Codex harnesses the power of AI technology, merging NASA data with the expertise of human astrologers to provide a comprehensive and personalized astrology experience. While most horoscopes focus solely on the sun sign, Your Astro Codex recognizes the importance of the moon, planets, and the twelve houses of the zodiac in constructing a complete astrological profile. By incorporating these elements, Your Astro Codex goes beyond surface-level insights, offering key information about how we love, think, and react.

By interpreting NASA data, Your Astro Codex generates real-time personalized readings. It begins by utilizing the day, time, and place of our birth to create an accurate snapshot of the sky, known as an astronomical snapshot. This snapshot serves as the foundation for an in-depth personality analysis, delving into character traits, behavioral tendencies, and emotional leanings through the creation of our astral chart. This chart is then compared to the current positions of the planets, signs, and aspects, unveiling what our chart signifies for us today, forming our horoscope. Additionally, it enables us to explore compatibility with our friends by comparing our birth charts.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Your Astro Codex transforms complex astrological data into language that is accessible, readable, and shareable. This allows users to understand and engage with their personalized readings easily. With the fusion of NASA data, the insights of human astrologers, and the power of AI, Your Astro Codex provides a dynamic and enlightening astrology experience, empowering users to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships, and their cosmic influences.

Copyright policy

Copyright policy All blog posts available on Your Astro Codex are the property of their respective authors. In other words, nobody is allowed to use the written contents available on this website for posting them elsewhere as their own. No exception allowed unless you have an interesting project that might require some excerpts of our articles, that you contact us prior using anything and that we give you our agreement.

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