Part of Fortune in Houses

The Part of Fortune in Houses: all the characteristics of the Part of Fortune in astrology, when placed in any of the twelve astrological houses.

Pars of Fortune in the signs of the Zodiac

  • Pars of Fortune in Aries. Aries are active and stubborn by nature. Therefore, the Pars of Fortune in this sign speaks of the desire of its owner to be the creator of something new, to lead others to a better future. It is only important for such people to correctly determine the direction of their activities, because when Aries see a goal in front of them, nothing can stop them or force them to turn off the chosen path. In the movement to success, they are helped by determination and perseverance.
    The most suitable areas for activity are law enforcement agencies, the army, medicine, public service, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. They can also succeed in professional sports and science due to perseverance and inflexibility.
    On the way to success, impatience, excessive criticism, irritability, incontinence should be restrained, use physical force.
  • Pars of Fortune in Taurus. To achieve their happiness, Taurus should pay less attention to the material side of life and improve more in the spiritual. Purposefulness, goodwill and responsiveness will help along the way.
    Such people are destined to become famous personalities, especially in the field of art. They excel in music, design, architecture and drawing. Often achieve great heights in the jewelry business. They are also excellent bank employees and stock exchange workers. They can become very famous fashion designers, personally tailoring every detail of their collections.
    When striving for success, it is necessary to restrain your stubbornness, not to succumb to feelings of envy and learn to think flexibly, not dwelling on prejudices and remnants of the past. Laziness can also do a lot of harm to such people and delay long-awaited success.
  • Pars of Fortune in Gemini. Gemini can achieve good luck if they learn to combine their extraordinary intellectual abilities with a developed imagination and a desire for innovation. These are inventors who, as if possessed, strive to change the world according to their idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe ideal.
    They show themselves excellently in working with people, in the positions of guides, tour guides, consultants, sales agents. They also interact well with animals, can be veterinarians and dog handlers. Success also promises scientific activity in the chemical, electronic, space or nuclear industries.
    In order not to miss your luck, you should restrain your negative impulses and wastefulness, learn to build relationships with loved ones.Frivolity and inability to concentrate their forces on one thing will also lead to failure.
  • Pars of Fortune in Cancer. Cancers from birth have sensitivity and attention to others. They maintain close relationships with their relatives, rarely leave their place of birth. Their motto is: “Where I was born, there I came in handy”, and in this case it works 100%. At the beginning of life, these people strive to get as much benefit as possible on business trips and trips, but they achieve success only at home.
    They succeed in creative professions: in music, painting, dancing or architecture. They have excellent abilities for languages, so the work of translators is one of the most fertile.Such people are able to perceive other people’s difficulties and help in a difficult situation, so they often choose the work of psychoanalysts or psychiatrists for themselves.
    You should control your mood swings, learn to be not so exposed to external factors and not indulge in inaction.
  • Pars of Fortune in Leo. Leos are extremely ambitious. But along with amazing perseverance and hard work, this becomes the key to incredible success. All their lives they strive for recognition, they want to be seen and heard, and they choose work to match their needs.
    Success in political, diplomatic activities. They become excellent teachers, rather higher educational institutions than primary classes. They can also become outstanding doctors and surgeons who combine professional as well as scientific activities. In the world of art, few can compare with them: cinema, theater, painting, music, you can choose any of the directions.
    They are lucky in lotteries and contests, but you should not get carried away.To test your luck for strength means to exhaust its entire supply before reaching the desired point of the Wheel of Fortune. Moreover, any manifestations of arrogance, aggressiveness or dominance should be suppressed.
  • Pars of Fortune in Virgo. Virgos are clean, ambitious and pragmatic. Their thoughts and desires are mundane, and sometimes their feelings are not as pronounced as those of other signs of the zodiac. However, they too are capable of reaching the Pars of Fortune. They should conscientiously treat the duties assigned to them, train self-control and do not forget to analyze what is happening around.
    They succeed in areas of activity related to intellectual work, work with large databases, where attention and painstaking work are needed. They are great with money, they can succeed in the field of finance, as well as commerce. At the same time, they often turn to magic and the occult.They know how and love to teach, so they often find themselves in the field of education.
    To succeed, one should restrain negative manifestations: duplicity, skepticism and not succumb to whims.
  • Pars of Fortune in Libra.  As befits Libra, it is best for them to be in harmony with themselves and the world around them. It is necessary to develop mercy, compassion in oneself, not to succumb to provocations and base impulses.
    These people succeed in business and politics. They are excellent negotiators. Able to lure any opponent to their side. Also very profitable areas are: jurisprudence, diplomacy, charity. But creative professions are also open to them, especially those related to theater or cinema. They can become excellent screenwriters and directors.
    In an unfavorable scenario, they may experience difficulty in adapting to the world around them, trying to fill the void with numerous novels.
  • Pars of Fortune in Scorpio.  This sign is very ambitious, energetic and extremely self-confident. Also, people born under the constellation Scorpio are thrifty, able to earn and save their capital.
    Often succeed in the field of medicine and surgery. They can become anesthesiologists, radiologists, pharmacists or homeopaths. They sensitively feel other people, subconsciously revealing their essence, therefore they choose the professions of psychologists and psychiatrists, they are not even afraid to work with clinical cases or in specialized institutions. Favorable areas are also military affairs, pedagogy or jurisprudence.
    Scorpios should restrain their irritability and duplicity.It is not recommended to build familiar relationships at work and appropriate the fruits of someone else’s labor.
  • Pars of Fortune in Sagittarius. Sagittarius, in order to succeed, should be independent and fair. Do not seek sole benefit and pay more attention to the needs of the people around them.
    They may become outstanding athletes or politicians of their time. Often they also choose professions related to travel, expeditions. They gravitate towards nature and are not afraid to overcome difficulties. Successful in publishing, religious and scientific activities. As a rule, they become excellent doctors of various profiles, surgeons. They like to work with animals and fish, so veterinary medicine, selective engineering, animal husbandry are areas where Sagittarius talents can be revealed.
    Often, as a start-up capital for their activities, they receive a large inheritance from distant relatives.
    To avoid difficulties in life, they need to monitor their language and actions. Reckless actions can overthrow from the top.
  • Pars of Fortune in Capricorn.  Capricorns are patient and thrifty, because only in this way they manage to achieve success in life. Perhaps the long-awaited results will not come as soon as we would like, but better late than never.
    Professions related to public service, military affairs, economics and finance are favorable. Capricorns can also succeed in the business of buying and selling securities, currencies, or stocks and bonds. The real estate industry, construction and architecture can bring in a lot of money.
    In order not to go down the wrong path, they should give up greed and intransigence. Learn not to abuse your powers and pay more attention to the needs of other people.
  • Pars of Fortune in Aquarius. These are extraordinary, independent personalities. They are active, self-sufficient, highly value their freedom and the ability to do everything as they see fit. In a favorable scenario, they enjoy the patronage of higher management or wealthier people.
    They strive to keep pace with progress, so they excel in engineering and research activities. Capable of inventing something new. Also successful in social work, sociology and psychology.
    Aquarians should restrain their posturing and inappropriate eccentricity. Be more contact and consistent.
  • Pars of Fortune in Pisces. Pisces are creative individuals. By nature, they are given a rich imagination and the ability to take an extraordinary approach to many issues. It is not surprising that in almost everything they undertake, they succeed.
    They are excellent doctors, pharmacists, homeopaths. Their activities, one way or another, are connected either with medicine or with creativity. In the latter, they are also able to achieve dizzying heights, and even become world famous.
    They should be more proactive and less windy. Worry less about your own benefit and not gravitate towards luxury goods and wealth.

Pars of Fortune in houses

  1. Pars of Fortune in the 1st house. The owner of the Pars of Fortune in the 1st house should be more independent. Asking for help neutralizes all previously received bonuses and helps to reduce the positive vibrations of karma. Patronage of any kind should be renounced. To achieve everything exclusively on our own. Only those who are full of enthusiasm and determination will find their happiness. Success forged exclusively by one’s own strength is worth more than a golden throne created from the assorted fragments of other people’s patronage.
  2. Pars of Fortune in the 2nd house. This position of the Wheel of Fortune promises great material success, but only if the person chooses the right ideals and follows them for the rest of his life. Financial success mainly depends on active actions, but you should also not exclude the possibility of receiving an inheritance, gifts, patronage, or entering into an advantageous marriage. Outright fraudulent activities should be avoided.
  3. Pars of Fortune in the 3rd house. 3 The house is associated with education and the development of intellectual abilities. Here he indulges in higher education, retraining, research activities. Possible large income from inventions and business trips. You also need to spend more time with loved ones, enjoy the opportunity to spend time with your family and share your thoughts with loved ones.
  4. Pars of Fortune in the 4th house. This is the House of Family Values. The holders of this position of the Pars of Fortune, as a rule, have a happy childhood, which gives the necessary start for future endeavors. In adult life, successful relationships with loved ones bring great bonuses. It is important for such people to feel needed and in demand, otherwise they lose their passion and quickly burn out for any occupation. They will have a comfortable and calm old age and a painless death.
  5. Pars of Fortune in the 5th house. The owners of this position of Pars see creation as their main goal in life. In creativity, work, raising children or in household chores, such people experience pleasure from the process itself. And they will certainly be rewarded for their work. Especially successful, they become in the field of entrepreneurship. Such people can and should take risks, as a rule, all their adventures end in grandiose success.
  6. Pars of Fortune in the 6th house.  The meaning of life of such people lies in tireless and painstaking work. They succeed only if they apply their strength to the maximum. But for this they need to learn how to rationally allocate their time. The professional sphere should bring moral satisfaction, then success will be quite simple. The most favorable areas of activity related to sponsorship, patronage and management.
  7. Pars of Fortune in the 7th house. This House is responsible for partnerships, friendships and marital ties. Through beneficial contacts, people with this position of the Part of Fortune can achieve prosperity. Success accompanies co-authorship, cooperative work. It is necessary to learn to compromise and take into account the point of view of the opponent. The desire for material independence should not be based on mercantile impulses, but on the desire to give peace and happiness to dear people.
  8. Pars of Fortune in the 8th house. Here the path to success lies through risky enterprises, dangerous situations. By having the Part of Fortune in this house, a person safely avoids most of the dangers in his life and comes out of them renewed and more perfect. Often they succeed in military activities, in intelligence, service in the internal affairs bodies and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. They can earn a lot in the ritual and insurance business. There is a risk of falling into criminal circles or becoming addicted to drugs. Such temptations are best avoided in order to reach the Wheel of Fortune.
  9. Pars of Fortune in the 9th house. This is the House of discoveries and comprehension of a previously unknown world. Business trips, research expeditions, contacts with foreigners are favorable. Nothing gives such people more pleasure than to break away from the ordinary and do something extraordinary and interesting. They passionately seek to penetrate the secrets of the universe and all their lives in search of the best. These are idealists and dreamers with developed intuition and philosophical thinking.
  10. Pars of Fortune in the 10th house. This is the House of Leaders. Only by occupying a leading position in the chosen field of activity, you can succeed. You should not hide behind the backs of others, you should get ahead, strive for leadership and innovation. This is a place where professionals are forged, with an impeccable reputation and extraordinary professional skills. You should control the direction of your actions, do things exclusively for the good.
  11. Pars of Fortune in the 11th house. The holders of this position of the Part of Fortune prosper due to their innovative ideas. They are not afraid to introduce an unusual approach into many areas of their lives, meeting the approval and admiration of colleagues, friends and relatives. They can quickly become successful if they learn to restrain their wildness and be more practical. Such people should not plunge into chaos, their thoughts and feelings should be kept under control.
  12. Pars of Fortune in the 12th house. Those who have the Pars of Fortune in the 12th house live as if under the cloak of secrecy. Their thoughts are unknown to anyone, and the meaning of their actions remains unsolved. They often choose for themselves the role of the “grey eminence”, who never appears on stage, but skillfully manages the acting figures behind the scenes. As a rule, such people already have quite impressive material baggage by the middle of their lives. Succeed in any activity related to secrets, restrictions, institutions of a closed type. They are not sensitive enough to worry about other people’s problems, so they can work in hospices and hospitals. Support often comes from where it is not expected. Often they are associated with the other world, magic and esotericism. During life, such people are not noticed, only after death they are rewarded for their merits.
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