What is the Subconscious Self Number in Numerology?

The Subconscious Self Number in Numerology reflects your confidence in dealing with sudden changes and unexpected events that occur. This number shall give indication of your evaluation, your reaction and your basic response to the change.

How do I Calculate the Subconscious Self Number in Numerology?

The Subconscious Self Number is calculated from the Karmic Lesson Chart. To calculate your Subconscious Self Number count the amount of numbers that is in your name. This is very similar as the procedure to calculate the Hidden Passion Number, the difference is instead of deciphering which letter occurs the most in a name we now want the total amount of numbers that occur within a name.

A = 1

J = 1

S = 1

B = 2

K = 2

T = 2

C = 3

L = 3

U = 3

D = 4

M = 4

V = 4

E = 5

N = 5

W = 5

F = 6

O = 6

X = 6

G = 7

P = 7

Y = 7

H= 8

Q = 8

Z = 8

I = 9

R = 9

Above is the chart we refer to assign number to the letters of one’s name. For an example I will use President Obama’s full birth name as on his birth certificate.

Barack Hussein Obama

  • The letter A = 1 occurs 4 times
  • The letter B = 2 occurs 2 times
  • The letter C = 3 occurs 1 time
  • The letter E = 5 occurs 1 time
  • The letter H = 8 occurs 1 time
  • The letter I = 9 occurs 1 time
  • The letter K = 2 occurs 1 time
  • The letter M = 4 occurs 1 time
  • The letter N = 5 occurs 1 time
  • The letter O = 6 occurs 1 time
  • The letter R = 9 occurs 1 time
  • The letter S = 1 occurs 2 times
  • The letter U = 3 occurs 1 time

 As you can see all the numbers are present in the President’s name except the number 7 with represent the letters G, P and Y. This leaves us with 8 numbers present within the President’s name (1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9). Therefore the President’s Obama’s Subconscious Self Number is 8.

What Does the Subconscious Self Number Represent?

Subconscious Self Number 3

 When change occurs you seek the help of your friends and family to get by. The same problem may repeat itself until you finally conquer it alone. The same can be said about you when seeking a companion as you seek someone who you can be support to you. This makes you prone to marry an older individual for security reasons. You are very emotional as you can suffer from depression or overreact and blow things out of proportion. You need to select your friends carefully and follow through on your goals.

Subconscious Self Number 4

Do not get caught up in all the details of what lies ahead of you as you tend to over analyze things and fail to react in a timely manner. Go with you gut feeling and act promptly as time is an essence. You are good at managing a family or business, it is fulfilling for you.

Subconscious Self Number 5

You have a habit of spreading yourself too thin and making it difficult to achieve the goals you desire. Self discipline and following a long range plan is key most of your problems. You like change and learn new thing easily but need to accept more responsibility in life.

Subconscious Self Number 6

You are kind and enjoy help people which leaves little time to tend to your own needs. You are a family person and take great pride on your home. You are caring and compassionate and the people close to you rely on your support.

Subconscious Self Number 7

You tend to keep to yourself and not reveal your inner feelings. You often appear out of place but are very adaptable and can survive anywhere. When troubled you withdraw from others and seek your own answers.

Subconscious Self Number 8

You are good at solving unforeseen problems that arise and many times come out even better off than you were before. You learn quickly and are a perfectionist. You expect great rewards for your contributions and take great pride in your possessions. You are reliable, stable and some even would say fearless. You are business minded and do well managing money. You are a natural leader and have great organizational skills.

Subconscious Self Number 9

You do not show your inner emotions and are difficult to get to know. Even though you are compassionate you keep those feelings inside. You have no Karmic Lessons and are not vulnerable to the ups and downs in life as others are.

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