North Node in the 1th House

Having your North Node in the 1st house of your natal chart also automatically means that the South Node is located in the 7th house. This natal placement of the nodes indicates a heavy emphasis on matters concerning your own self and your partnerships in this incarnation. As the Lunar Nodes indicate Karmic debts and connections with previous lifetimes, the native who has the North Node in the 1st house must concentrate on developing his own independent self during the current lifetime. The North Node indicates the path that the native should follow in order to fulfill his life role, and even if we subconsciously are aware of it, we rarely strive to walk that road.

The North Node in the 1st house asks us to trust our personality and to express ourselves from it, to no longer seek to conform our personality to what is expected of us, but to what we are. . It is important to remember here that this personality can be that of our physical character traits as well as that of our psychological character traits. Personality, in the sense of astrology, is the avatar in which the soul incarnates. It is our body and its physical characteristics that develop an image of ourselves, a character, which we use to interact with the outside world.

Relying on one’s personality, having confidence in one’s personality, consists in fact of learning little by little to stop trying to shape it, neither one’s body nor one’s character, according to outside expectations. This consists of having confidence in our deep Being and letting it express itself through our avatar, even if it means no longer pleasing, no longer resembling the form that was expected of us, but being more.

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