Aspects in Personality – The Aspects in Astrology


Astrology, an ancient practice that studies the celestial bodies’ positions and their potential impact on human affairs, provides valuable insights into one’s personality, relationships, and life events. Central to this cosmic exploration are planetary aspects in the natal chart—a personalized map of the sky at the moment of one’s birth. Understanding how planets interact with each other unveils a wealth of information about an individual’s character, strengths, challenges, and the overall trajectory of their life.

The Natal Chart – Planetary Aspects Defined

A natal chart, also known as a birth chart or horoscope, is a snapshot of the sky at the precise time and location of an individual’s birth. The chart is divided into twelve segments, each corresponding to one of the zodiac signs. Within these segments, planets are placed in specific signs and houses, creating a unique astrological fingerprint for each person.

Planetary aspects are angles formed between planets in a natal chart. These aspects can be harmonious or challenging, influencing various aspects of an individual’s life. The major aspects include conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. Each aspect carries its own energy and significance, shaping the individual’s personality and experiences.

Aspect conjunction

Conjunctions: Occur when planets are within a close proximity in the same sign, amplifying their combined influence. This can create intense and concentrated energy, shaping the person’s core characteristics and driving their motivations.

Individuals with too much conjunction or Stellium, are somewhat different. These folks have in hands a powerful field around them that protects them from outside attacks. They are somehow supreme with Stelliums (with more than 4 planets in one sign). Blessed and instinctively feeling special, they reproduce and mutate energies locating in the same archetype celestial point, adhering a complex pattern that involves fundamental principles holding together the key of human development as the self involves with earth around the Sun among others planets.

This special key solutes with unique traits that aren’t found with others aspects because conjunction has none geometric relationship but it obviously shares the same mutual space, the energy is focused, strong, fatal, classically cardinal and formidably in tune with the world’s most focused subjects.

Conjunctions work as the planets share the same sign and degrees. Their energy is expressed in double, tripled, quadrupled. There is a holding potential, an inheritance that needs to be explored to is maximum that comes from an old lineage of the self and needs confirmation. These creatures are usually affirmative and master easily an object of their desire.

Yet, it takes a hard time to realize into the consciousness of the individual the power that holds within to the point of being immanent. That’s because their energy are merged and unified, the planets and signs seems to be only one, complicating their discernment ability, whereas one could not identify what energy is being evoked.

Here, the aspect is one of the most powerful of them all. These creatures are intense in nature, because planets are working together, one planet intensify the nature of the others and vice versa.

Aspect oppositions

Oppositions: Formed when planets are 180 degrees apart, oppositions highlight the need for balance and integration. They often manifest as external challenges or conflicts that push individuals to find equilibrium in their lives.

People with too much oppositions in their chart, have a tendency to worry too much what people will talk about them. They take things personally, like water signs do, there is a strange complexity in the air when they are around. A hardcore aspect.

They fear judgment and insurge a riot before it happens, even that isn’t suppose to hurt. A minimal critic may put they nervous system out of control that can last a great length sometimes. Opposition people are always at war with themselves. They have oppositions in this life so they can solve their personal issues alone and learn that others won’t impact them if they don’t let it happen, it is THEIR ISSUE.

But it is hard for them to understand that, oppositions actually work together, for the same purpose, they are at the same line sharing axis the same animals share basic instincts alike humans, but the approach of each sign is totally different, and that what makes them especial.

Opposition creatures have a large dimension of feelings, thinking and sensation, and whatever the case, things are usually extreme, dramatic and strongly expressed. Their attitude in life is rather strong, cold or indifferent, but once they target a specific aim, their tools are known to have different kind of poisons, indicating a person with hidden cards to yet be played. Secretive, manipulative and imprudent, the final wish is to have done the terrain shaken.

Once I read an astrologer saying that she wouldn’t trust too much a person with too much opposition in their chart. Because these people are in constant combat with themselves caused by the oppositions, that they become too detached from people and won’t care about hurting them. Well, I have loads of opposition in my chart and yet, people can count on me, my dear ones of course. The rest… yes I can become a little harsh and unpleasant sometimes. This shouldn’t be understood as a false man, but one that will teach people to rely on themselves instead of projecting it onto others.

Aspect squares

Squares: Arise when planets are 90 degrees apart, creating tension and challenges. Squares prompt growth through overcoming obstacles, pushing individuals to develop resilience and find innovative solutions to problems.

Individuals with too much squares, are usually in constant tension, giving major time to adjust the scenarios, they are usually striving for some more action.

These people are very well known for their abrupt behaviors, which causes then to be stressed out – to the point of having a breakdown when they reach the limit point,  needing daily exercises in order to activate their comfortable space in mind, body and soul. Physical health is very important for these creatures, suggesting a creative life-style full of activities to hold their tension down.

However, you always want to be around them when you want to accomplish things or need motivation, because these folks have a lot! There is a sense that nothing fits the picture, that life is always conspiring against them somehow and others seems to block their objectives, yet they are not when the decision is really up to them, but the tension that are caused sometimes act as a drug to them, preferring to almost live on daily frustration that motives and pull out their best than a harmonic environment that would make them too comfortable, lazy or even unworthy.

Squares brings great loads of stimulation, which causes in them a sense of urgency, so they won’t let people down when they are requested for any assignment that requires hard work, management and undeniable arguments. Square people need to let it flow, but can’t never feel to be otiose or feel that people are despising them off. They need the extremes of things and situations, but different for oppositions, they need to learn to do things by their own. They are like Aries type, full of stimulus to go by its own, otherwise others will burn.

Square in a natal chart, activates your primeval instincts.

Aspect trine

Trines: Occur when planets are 120 degrees apart, fostering a harmonious flow of energy. Trines often indicate innate talents and favorable conditions, making certain aspects of life smoother and more enjoyable.

Creatures with too much trine in their chart, have a tendency to forget their best and the most talented self, they need to keep reminding themselves where they become more aware of their hidden creative spots and of what needs to be done.

Like sextiles, the gifts come naturally but trines they have to work harder to realize such beautiful things in them. Some people look outside to see where the beauty is, when they have it all along.

Trines work as a supportive heaven for them, because they are natural attributes the person have, may it be physical, psychological, emotional or intellectual. But they need to work it out, the endowment won’t come as easily, they need to realize it otherwise it won’t have the especial effect the trines are supposed to.

Aspect sextiles

Sextiles: Formed when planets are approximately 60 degrees apart, sextiles bring opportunities for growth, cooperation, and creative expression. They indicate areas where talents and resources can be effectively combined.

Individuals with loads of sextiles, have a tendency to be too lazy and comfortable, where changing is hard and suffering, but as they learn they feel stuck in a comfort zone that is hard to break it down. Sextiles create wonderful abilities instead of owning them.

This pattern must be put into the person’s consciousness in order to realize how much the person could be missing while sitting back and just relaxing. Sextile people are the most kind of people you will ever meet. They have empathy for people’s pain, and they feel them like Pisces do.

Their life is very lucky sometimes that it is hard to imagine things to go bad for them, although it is not because of ‘sextiles’ rules over the whole chart that it won’t mean a particular life will be incredible beautiful, it will actually let the negative experiences to flow as well if one let it in or by actual events that are out of their control. The thing here is to be conscious of such great and positive vibration that is experienced by this comfortable aspect, letting the light in feels empowering for these creatures. There is an Aura that evolve them that is attractive, magnetizing or even sensual.

They are the best to have around and as friends, as they won’t ever let you down. They have this immense charisma, because they are so comfortable with who they are, they aren’t touched by external influences, much like trines, but these creatures loves a television and play video games all day long.

Some astrologers interpret sextiles as the great KISS from heavens.

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