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Such wonderful cosmic tool of gods and goddess – must have a order. A logical sequence and a mathematical precise application seems rational and explainable. But where is the practical approach to houses in astrology that intrigues me. Apparently, the world of astrology in the world is pretty well divided, the systems used sometimes are totally not useful for one’s while the other seems to fit like a glove made of original silk, and it comes in colors. This depends much of the background influence or pure interest in the field in particular. The division of the houses in astrology is as complex, yet easily comprehensible at first sight.

Division by quadrant and hemisphere

Considering the houses as fields of experiences, I shall point specifically to each house, deducing you have in mind a basic understanding of life. What is writing here you may have not seen in books, at least not the prime or infra house terms, it took me years of studying these areas of life that one shall become conscious of what it can really means.

Cardinal Houses: 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses

✯ Prime Houses – from the cardinal houses:

They are the prime houses as they are the most common and obvious themes in the early life of a human being, the self appearance and the others.

  • 1st house of appearance – you were born within a certain time in space where celestial bodies where in alignment with yourself thus having specific qualities coded into the DNA, a conjecture of physical features’ information 
  • 7th house of the other – at young age a person naturally urges to meet another being thus learning how to relate to and to please the other, the contact is made personal and we become conscious of other people’s need

✯ Infra Houses – from the cardinal houses:

They are the infra houses as they are later themes in a human life as it takes time to develop such consciousness of responsibility and authority’s influence.

  • 4th house of home – as an adult, we are truly able to understand why owning a house/territory are really important and guarding your possessions matters as much as the past and all its memories
  • 10th house of career – a person usually makes greater accomplishments in career later in life and knows best the efforts and ambition it takes to get to the top of the *Maslow payramid

*Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – “A Theory of Human Motivation”

The first quadrant in astrology

The first quadrant of the houses contains the following houses: 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses.

These are the houses of self-development.

Aries, Taurus and Gemini form the concept of who you are apart from the mother, the women in which gave us birth. Once, should a human baby thinks he is part of the mother, instead of believing that the body is apart from the mother once it is born. A comfortable understanding of one’s soul separated from the whole is accepted, resulting in a learning process experience, where the human now needs to communicate in order to get what he needs, here humans are about to discover what makes them survive or live.

Are you surviving or just living? Without all the biological needs, a strong sense of security is constructed under these fields. From Aries to Gemini we are forced to live, to survive and to know ‘how to‘, leading us to the path of self-development by life circumstances. Somehow you signed up for the life you are living, from this assumption, the sense of warrior comes to manifest readily as you enter into this world, you know you are here, now do something meritorious.

These are the first 3 houses in astrology, the first spark of life of immediate experience trough the first breath when we establish out first connection to earth as an individual, giving us the reality of possessing a body linked to our soul, and for it to experience life in form and shape, it needs communication to survive.

  • 1st House – Aries is the strongest and most courageous of all the signs. Through the acts,  the world sees and have the first impression. The first house is the scream of liberty, scream of passion of being alive, the first step of being born. The first step as a body in connection to the material world. We understand individuality as it is, and are willing to fight for anything of one’s value;
  • 2nd House – Taurus seeks for security and knowing the existence of hosting an earthly body, add the survival instinct, we are to know the existence of things we possess. The body, the earthy senses. Here we learn to value our existence, and all the material pleasures that earth has to give. An incredible need of the comfortable life puts a person to get motivated in order to get what one’s needs. Also, during this experience, a human acknowledge of its own gift, what one’s do naturally.
  • 3rd House – Gemini then, we learn we can use our body to communicate, to persuade in order to get things we want. Here we learn that we need labels and names in order to identify what is this and that. A need to be in constant move is necessary to grasp all the houses experiences begins here. The first mutable house, the house of communication and the first house of relationship. Since early in life we are giving names to people and things so we can memorize them by symbolical linguistics.

A sense of self-development begins to take shape, and slowly it brings a development of the soul that is crucial for the all others houses ahead, and this is determined by the result of the first 3 houses.

The second quadrant in astrology

The second quadrant of the houses contains the following houses: 4th, 5th and 6th houses.

These are the houses of self-expression.

Cancer, Leo and Virgo form the concept of expression in experiences of life. The urge to be what the ”I’ is entitled to be needs to be expressed. Our self needs to express otherwise it won’t feel alive, it knows it needs emotions in order to put drama in life, here begins the first emotional house, we learn about the past of our family and of ourselves, acknowledging the fact we have come from generations before us.

We now want to be no child anymore, and wants a child. Or just, a bit of spice that creates the sparkles of sex without compromise, the sex experience itself, the masturbation and the long hours of pleasures. Then comes a great sense that life isn’t just partying and sex, it needs mundane activities to avoid empty mind, among other ordinary things. We understand that the importance of a logical mind is refined with practiced and time, and for that, comes improved abilities to use in mundane activities.

After the first 3 houses, we have discovered the development of the human specie, and how that is experienced in houses, now we are to take this shape we formed and give it animation, give the human emotions so he can feel how is to experience life on earth, and a place to call ‘mine’.

  • 4th house – Cancer evokes powerful emotions and sweet idea that a human can feel, and feel it hard. A sensation coming from the 1st house tells us that we now need to stop all the rush coming from the others houses, and just feel life. The comfortable emotions are assets to initiate something greater in life. An emotional attachment to people and even objects tend to show its presence and it is caring, mothering, nurturing or even moody. Here we have our first contact with our unconscious side of ourselves.
  • 5th house – Leo wants to affirm the unique expression of being, in this house we learn that creativity allows us to achieve our higher sense of self, and it becomes clear we are special somehow and unique, here the order is to create from the source, to feel the joy of being alive and full of life, Leo wants the world to know their presence and…
  • 6th house – In the house of Virgo, human express its human qualities through the development of an ability, the need to perfect something makes sense, ending up realizing the world needs fixing all the time. Likely, we become critical of life, and now we can pin point failures and major improvements in life. The need for perfection becomes a tangible goal, leading the experience of where details are more important than the whole picture.

A sense of self-expression begins to invocate the most beautiful form of human expression, and this is determined by the result of these 3 houses.

The third quadrant in astrology

The third quadrant of the houses contains the following houses: 7th, 8th and 9th houses.

These are the houses of self-expansion.

Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are the signs that form the concept of expansion in life. Here people expand their awareness of relationships; it is the crossing line of the ‘I’ and the ‘you’ in a chart. Here we expand ourselves via others, the understanding of the value of endorsement, the need of sharing and through higher thinking. The collective houses also begins here, a powerful starting and turning point in houses.

While in the 3rd house of Gemini we have learned the communication importance, in the starting 7th house we understand others in a more objective approach then the mutable houses in  terms of relationships. Here we understand the extension of our tastes, likes and what we think is fair or not. Learning people can hurt us, we get to a point of wanting and wishing for revenge, recognizing a dark side of ourselves. Yet, we know we have options, and just lead life to the other way, where the target must be something more of substantial and focused on faith in nature.

After the last 3 houses, we have discovered the development of self-expression, now we must take this learning to another level of understanding the self throughout relationships.

  • 7th house – Libra opens the contrasting crossing line between identities, resulting in learning objectively the difference between me from you. Automatically, we learn ourselves trough the other, the necessity of unification becomes clear, the barrier is equal and now we learn the first step of the realm of trust, which is to trust that justice will be made. Now we have reflections.
  • 8th house – Scorpio enters to find deep meaning in life and the dark aspects of life, and find the trusting issues quite hard, and usually questions like why is life all integrated after all the form of expression there is available to us? How to use such power in our hands? Here we learn that things can get out of our control, we learn there is something more behind the curtains. Now we discover the fatalities that are in life.
  • 9th house – Sagittarius then makes sense of this power we just earned. Make sense of life, we expand here through knowledge and following one’s truth. One’s target is supposed to be hit accordingly through one’s own truth, leading to a great expansion of the mind. We become now attached to our faith, we become intolerant of certain dilemmas and becoming seeing life as a political field.

A sense of self-expansion begins to invocate the most beautiful form of human expansion, and this is determined by the result of these 3 houses.

The fourth quadrant in astrology

The fourth quadrant of the houses (last quadrant) contains the following houses: 10th, 11th and 12th houses.

These are the houses of self-transcendence.

Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are the signs that form the concept of experiencing self-transcendence as a human being. Humans now need a role in society, a public image emerges consequently. And for that, groups of people rise with the same upbeat. Now we need everything to make sense in the spiritual world. Here we go from the solid sphere of 10th house to the none existential nature, from strongly shaped to formless.

We are about to discovery that our journey doesn’t actually ends when we die, but the soul continues its history across the universe. Humanity need direction, here we start from the last cardinal house, the last house where we experience the evidence and we witness the world at large, we take this role higher, and we understand that we have a potential future in our hands, waiting for another wish to be cultivated in our subconscious to continue simultaneously our lives elsewhere but earth.

These are the last houses, it has been discovered the learning process of mainly experiences of self-development, self-expression and self-expansion, now we must take this learning to another level of understanding through self-transcendence.

  • 10th house – Capricorn have a sense of time, showing us to face our own mortality, making us wonder what path, what direction to take. Our self now needs to be recognized by its work, we learn that for that, we also have to work intensely for its rewards it could potentially bring among satisfaction. Realizing that a direction shall be followed, and a long journey awaits, here we learn about trough hard situations, to control our feelings and use our rationality to follow as planned.
  • 11th house – Aquarius then enters laboring the idea that we need awakening from the terrible truth of death, and insure you won’t be alone, there are friends, groups to establish common likes and goals, learned that you need goals while in the 10th house of sober Capricorn. Here we learn we are no different from the other of the same, and that we are citizenship of the world. We are able to create groups so society can interact with, and from that we are able to change society as it is, being unique in expression.
  • 12th house – A sense of something is greater than us emerges as the human experience on earth becomes limited. We need to dream, something to aspire to. A sense that something spiritual needs to be done. We are now lost under the infinite doubts of the ocean, the great mysteries of life. We learn life must have breaks and silent moments, and we need to keep sometimes in secret no matter how hard it is. We learn with life that we are willing of sacrifices, the last house of the zodiac.

A sense of self-transcendence begins to invocate the most beautiful form of what the human sense of transcending experience may bring, and this is determined by the result of these 3 houses.

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