What is the Personality Number in Numerology?

In numerology your personality number (also called Outer personality number) reveals how others see you. This may be a true indication of the real or it could just how you are viewed by others but not who you really are. Many times in life we are told by someone that we would be perfect to a particular job or task. This is based on how others see us. Perhaps you have taken someone’s advice and pursued a specific job or task based on someone else’s opinion. In the end the job or task you have accepted is not satisfying to you even though you may be very good at it. The reason is you inside are different than how the average person sees you. Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve and is easily recognized for who they really are. By learning your Personality Number you can get insight how others view you.

 How Do I Calculate My Personality Number?

To calculate your Personality Number in numerology you are going to use your full birth name, the one that appears on your birth certificate. You are going to take the consonants only and assign numerical values to them and add them together. If you have a double digit number then reduce that number to a single digit number unless you have master numbers of 11, 22 or 33.

 When calculating the Heart’s Desire Number you will use the vowels in your name. The vowels are the letters A, E, I, O and U. Now there are cases in numerology when the letter Y is considered a vowel. If the letter Y is used as vowel in one’s name then numerology considers it a vowel. Here is such an example, the name Lynn uses the letter Y as a vowel. Also if the letter Y produces a separate sound as with names Mary and Betty, Here the Y gives the name completely different preconception. If you remove the Y you Mar and Bett. Example where the letter is not considered a vowel is with the names Chumley or Bradley. In this case the Y is just an extension of the letter vowel E, yes it does change the way we pronounce the name but the E is the vowel here.

 We are going to use President Obama’s full legal name of Barack Hussein Obama as an example.

A = 1

J = 1

S = 1

B = 2

K = 2

T = 2

C = 3

L = 3

U = 3

D = 4

M = 4

V = 4

E = 5

N = 5

W = 5

F = 6

O = 6

X = 6

G = 7

P = 7

Y = 7

H= 8

Q = 8

Z = 8

I = 9

R = 9

Above is the chart we refer to assign number to the consonants in the President’s name.

  • The consonants in Barack Hussein Obama are B R C K H S S N B M
  • The numerical value in an equation is 2 + 9 + 3 + 2 + 8 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 4 = 37
  • We will reduce the 37 as 3 + 7 = 10, still a double digit we reduce 1 + 0 = 1
  • President Obama’s Personality Number is 1.

What Does the Personality Number Represent?

Personality Number 1

You want to be seen as a leader or expert. You strive to appear as courageous, daring and one that hold high levels of creativity. Others may view you as over aggressive or reckless but you see yourself as just taking action.

Personality Number 2

You strive to appear positive, upbeat and free from any misconceptions that other may have of you. You seek popularity and the approval of others. People see you as kind and helpful and sometimes you are taken advantage of. Some people will become jealous of you and try to bring you down.

Personality Number 3

You attempt to appear unique or to possess a greater talent than most. Perhaps you dress nicer than your peers in order to make a statement. You can be controversial in order to be noticed. Some view your appearance and behavior as phony, shallow and just as an attempt to mislead others for your own gain.

Personality Number 4

You attempt to appear secure and stable, someone who is admired and looked up to. Your appearance matters greatly to you as you always want to look your best. You like to instruct and supervise others as it makes you look more organized and structured. However down inside you are insecure and fear rejection.

Personality Number 5

You appear free spirited and unconnected to responsibilities. You like to be seen as truthful and friendly. You are able to get things done rather easily sometimes by cheating the system this cause people to like and also dislike you.

Personality Number 6

You are very stable and take little risk. Hard work and following the rules is common practice with you. You are a family person and the love and support of your family is evident. Some may feel that it is only because of your family support that you have any stability in your life, that without your family you are lost.

Personality Number 7

You desire to be seen as smarter than the average person who has great knowledge that others only dream of. This keeps you from showing your true emotions and makes you appear secretive and antisocial.

Personality Number 8

You are a great pretender as you constantly make yourself appear more powerful than you really are. You are also charismatic and confident and to hope to get attention. Some may see you as materialistic and shallow.

Personality Number 9

You work hard to make others think you are intelligent and creative. You have a rather large ego that needs the attention and respect of others.

Personality Number 11

You portray yourself as knowledgeable and wise. You try to have the answer for any problem when in reality you crave the attention and respect of others. Some view you as arrogant and a show off.

Personality Number 22

You are kind, polite and respectful to others. You are well liked by others as you treat everyone equally and fairly.

Personality Number 33

You do not display much emotion or feelings towards others. You adapt yourself as needed to accomplish your goal. You appear mysterious and hard to read.

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