What is the Hidden Passion Number in Numerology?

The Hidden Passion Number in numerology is the number that appears many times within your birth name. The Hidden Passion Number represents certain talent or ability that most are not aware of. This is the number that is repeated in your name. This hidden talent that is revealed with the Hidden Passion Number will add value to your life and allow you to express yourself to your nature.

How do I calculate the Hidden Passion Number in Numerology?

This is a simple process where all you need to do is determine which letter occurs the most in a person’s birth name. You now take that letter and then look at the corresponding numerical number and that becomes your Hidden Passion Number. For an example I will use President Obama’s full birth name as on his birth certificate.

Barack Hussein Obama

The letter A occurs 4 times

The letter B occurs 2 times

The letter C occurs 1 time

The letter E occurs 1 time

The letter H occurs 1 time

The letter I occurs 1 time

The letter K occurs 1 time

The letter M occurs 1 time

The letter N occurs 1 time

The letter O occurs 1 time

The letter R occurs 1 time

The letter S occurs 2 times

The letter U occurs 1 time

A = 1

J = 1

S = 1

B = 2

K = 2

T = 2

C = 3

L = 3

U = 3

D = 4

M = 4

V = 4

E = 5

N = 5

W = 5

F = 6

O = 6

X = 6

G = 7

P = 7

Y = 7

H= 8

Q = 8

Z = 8

I = 9

R = 9

Above is the chart we refer to assign number to the consonants in the President’s full birth name. As you can clearly see the letter A occurs the most at 4 times. The Numerical values of the letter A is 1. There for President Obama’s Hidden Passion Number is 1.

What Does the Hidden Passion Number Represent?

Hidden Passion 1

You are a Leader, Competitive, Ambitious, Strive for the best

Hidden Passion 2

You are Sensitive, Peaceful, Patient, Persistent and a Peacemaker

Hidden Passion 3

You are Social, Partygoer, Entertainer, Self expressive and popular

Hidden Passion 4

You are Organized, Self disciplined, Determined, Stable and full of perseverance

Hidden Passion 5

You are Traveler, Adaptable, Impulsive, Seeks new challenges and overindulging

Hidden Passion 6

You are a Healer, Counselor, Teacher, Responsible and will sacrifice to prove your cause

Hidden Passion 7

You are Intellectual, Deep thinker, Perfectionist, Problem solver and specialist

Hidden Passion 8

You are Goal oriented, Manager, Organizer, Leader and authority figure

Hidden Passion 9

You are Generous, Compassionate, Artistic, Creative, Emotional and a dreamer

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