Astrology and Game of Thrones

The fans of Game of Thrones probably know that the fantasy world where the story takes place is rather different than our Earth, having long summers and winters which last for years. In addition, the length of their seasons is rather unpredictable and does not show some concrete pattern of reappearance. Nevertheless, in this article we will try to get some insights about what would be the Sun sign of 12 Game of Thrones major characters if they were born on our Earth, being a product of the same planets, signs, stars, and aspects that we are.

Jon Snow – The Aries

Jon Snow is a born fighter, as all Aries people are. In addition, he is rather stubborn and a narrow-minded person, often not seeing the details objectively and mostly following his passions. He is a born leader which is a rather usual Aries treat, while also a pioneer that will not be afraid to start an attack and to take the full responsibility of victory and favor.
As Jon Snow is a “bastard” with an unknown mother, he might have his natal Neptune in the 4th house, yet with lots of good aspects as he is accepted by all the family members, apart from his step-mother.

Davos Seaworth – The Taurus

One of the most faithful characters of the show, Davos Seaworth is always ready to aid or support people and causes he believes in. Honest and affectionate, he is dedicated to everything that is important to him. The death of his first son signifies that his astrological 5th house contains a malefic planet, probably receiving a transiting aspect from Pluto. Davos was a smuggler before becoming Stannis Baratheon’s right hand, which indicates some cunning combination between his natal NeptuneMercury and Mars. He is a man of service and devotion, which would emphasize his natal 6th house, always willing to serve the persons he admires. His fairness is probably inherited from some benefic planet in the 9th house, as he was even fair to acknowledge his crimes and willingly allowed his fingers get chopped off for punishment. This could signify Mars in conjunction with the Ascendant and thus ruling his body, squaring the planet in the 9th house and acting as a malefic through amputation because of fairness.

Tyrion Lannister – The Gemini

As this twin sign is ruled by Mercury, the superb intellect that Tyrion possesses would definitely make him be a Gemini. His mind is very quick and he is always ready to answer back, and from his young age, he had chosen the life of a bookworm. Able to see the details and solutions where others fail, he is a mastermind for any type of strategy. His physical disability through being a dwarf may indicate afflicted planets near his Ascendant. One thing is for sure though, his love of wine certainly gives him a very strong Neptune, which curiously enough is probably not badly aspected. No matter if he shows raging signs of alcoholism, he still is able to do whatever it takes to serve his interests and those of the Realm. His unfortunate love affairs may indicate the presence of Mars in the 5th house, while he also definitely has a bunch of benefic planets in the 9th house, making him a thinker and a philosopher.

Cersei Lannister – The Cancer

As Cersei has a rather mutable temperament, Cancer is the zodiac sign that would suit her more. Very sentimental but also frequently cruel, her Moon may have hard aspects with Pluto, which also killed her mother during a transit of some other planet. Her fragile Moon leads to hysterical tendencies, and can be rather revengeful with such a Plutonic hue. Cersei has definitely a very emphasized 12th house, hiding a lot of secrets in it. It is certainly making aspects with sexual planets in the 3rd house of the zodiac, signifying her illegal affair with her brother. In addition, the 12th house is also responsible for being restricted and disgraced by public scandal.

Jaime Lannister – The Leo

Jaime is literally the Lion of the Lannister family. Brave and proud, a great fighter, Jaime has such a strong self-confidence that, in the end, he loses a hand because of it. He is willing to protect his family at all costs, loves to be a leader and has a rather big ego, not accepting any defeat. Jaime probably has a prominent but ill-aspected Mars, which resulted in the amputation of his hand. His Mars might also be in aspect with his natal Sun, signifying the difficult relationship with his father and their constant quarrels. Another probable natal position that Jaime has is Venus in the 3rd house, while having Libra or Taurus on the cusp of the 5th house. This brings him love towards his sister and even having children with her.

Petyr Baelish – The Virgo

One might wonder, why would Petyr Baelish (a.k.a the Littlefinger) be a Virgo when he is so connected with the world of sex, being an owner of a brothel? Well, the answer is quite clear; he sees it as a business and not as something that he also indulges in. Petyr has an outstanding mind for strategy and economics, being able to use his Mercury at top power against his enemies. He has a great eye for details, which only Virgo can offer, and exquisite abilities for negotiating and making deals, especially under the table. His diplomacy skills might indicate a strong 7th house emphasis, containing either Jupiter or Venus. In addition, and since his work type is of a Scorpio/Plutonic nature, Littlefinger’s 10th house cusp is definitely falling on Scorpio, with probably also Pluto present on the Midheaven!

Margaery Tyrell – The Libra

Margaery is definitely a Libra, and a rather cunning one, using her beauty and sweetness in order to manipulate and charm. Her movements and strategy are ethereal and correspond very well with the air element of Libra, and the sign’s ruler Venus makes her be well-mannered. As Libra rules the 7th house, we see her involved in quite a lot of marriages. On the other hand, we can also see the Libran pattern of becoming a widow; indeed, Libra contains the malefic fixed star Vindemiatrix that is astrologically responsible for the death of the spouse, not to mention that the Sun is in fall in this sign, which with bad aspects from malefics, may frequently lead to losing the marriage partner. Another possible placement indicating the deaths of her husbands might be Pluto in the 7th house.

Ramsay Bolton – The Scorpio

Ramsay would definitely be of a Scorpio sign, if we take a look at his cruel hobbies and sick fetishes. Being the most sadistic character in the series, he shows a clear Plutonian energy, which would probably be a product of very difficult aspects between Mars, Pluto and Saturn in his natal chart too. Most of his actions ooze of sexuality; he has a very strong inner need to control and does not even fear death. For Ramsey, taboos are attractive and he will not even hesitate to grant death to others in order to satisfy his Scorpionic vices. He might have a lot of issues with his 4th house, as he was been born a “bastard” and has as the highest priority of his life, to become a legal heir of his father and to continue their kin. Ramsay probably also has Neptune adversely aspecting Mars, as he likes to trick; he also has a somehow prominent 7th house due to his marriage to Sansa, so that he becomes legal ruler of Winterfell and the North.

Robert Baratheon – The Sagittarius

There is no better character for representing the sign of Sagittarius. Robert the king is funny and outgoing, always loving a good joke and a feast with a lot of wine. He probably also has Jupiter near his Ascendant, giving him that extra weight and a big belly. Ruling the realm comes as something natural for him and he is born to lead. On the other hand, as Sagittarius and Jupiter also rule overindulgence, he is prone to women and alcohol, mostly spending his time in a lazy and unproductive manner that eventually led to his downfall. Robert probably has an ill-aspected Neptune, which had a strong influence on his alcoholism. There are possibilities that it is located in his natal 8th house or at least ruling it or aspecting it, as his death came while he was drunk, poisoned with wine. Of course, death from a boar definitely signifies a Mars or Uranus in the 12th house, as it rules big animals and any malefic planet present in this house can give accidents and injuries connected with them.

Stannis Baratheon – The Capricorn

Being the most serious and strategic personality of the series, Stannis Baratheon righteously deserves the sign of Capricorn. Saturn tends to make him rarely laugh and to have a very tactical approach towards all matters, while being just at the same time. His justice comes both with cruelty and reward, and he rules with an iron fist. For such a Saturnian person, his career and goals are of the first priority and he would be willing to sacrifice everything else in order to reach his targets. His fate shows a family catastrophe, which for sure means ill-aspected malefic planets both in his 4th house and in his 7th one, as these houses rule the family and the spouse respectively. His deep connection with fire and the Red God indicate a lot of planets in fire signs, while the religious fanaticism that the red priestess Melissandre imposes on him signifies a Neptune or Pluto in the 9th house.

Daenerys Targaryen -The Aquarius

The young Targaryen girl and only heir of her family definitely is an Aquarius, due to her progressive ideas of how a society should function. She is a dreamer and an altruist, a visionary of a new world where slaves and masters do not exist. She definitely has many planets in fire, while also her Midheaven is probably placed in a fire sign. Thus, the masses believe about her that she is the promised one by the red religion of fire God R’hllor. Daenerys might have her Uranus in the 7th house, making it impossible to get married to someone for a long time, and bringing unexpected events that end her marriages. On the other hand, she definitely has some benefic planets in the 10th house, making her respected and loved by her followers. The same can be stated for her 6th house too, as she has very devoted servants that would even die for her.

Sansa Stark – The Pisces

Sansa is probably one of the most sentimental characters of the show, frequently having only one foot on the ground. She has both the kindness and the passivity that Pisces have as traits, frequently feeling incapable of revolting and rather restricted by walls both outside her and inside her mind. She has a rather martyr role, being constantly victimized and used under false pretenses. On the other hand, she is of a forgiving and sweet nature, always viewing the world as she would want it to be and not as it really is. Sansa is another person with a devastating family story, so her 4th house certainly includes malefic planets responsible for the death of her parents and loss of their family castle, Winterfell.

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