Natal Jupiter in the 12th House

When Jupiter is in the 12th house of a natal chart, its beneficial rays guarantee protection and generally soften most difficult traits that the house represents in the native’s life.

The 12th house is ruled by Pisces and planet Neptune, and is strongly connected with places of restriction. Jupiter here may bring some type of involvement with institutions such as monasteries, hospitals, and prisons. This placement makes the native a very compassionate person, willing to offer his services in order to comfort others. The presence of Jupiter here gifts a great intuition and a thirst to expand in the fields of psychology and healing.

As the twelfth house is responsible for both the collective subconscious and the individual’s deeper layers, Jupiter here will expand knowledge and will need less effort to understand the hidden functions of the human mind. A person with such a placement can even get deep into metaphysical studies, while the benefic planet grants protection from malicious supernatural attacks and accidents during roaming the inner fields of minds or the outer areas of reality.

On the other hand, Jupiter in the house of secrets might bring up some issues, as the planet’s expansive nature may create difficulties in keeping secrets, both the native’s own and of other people. In case that Jupiter is adversely aspected with Mercury, the individual should really be careful to think before revealing sensitive information, as he can hurt others or create misunderstandings.

Generally, Jupiter placed in this rather difficult house can be of great aid against all types of unexpected difficulties. Jupiter will protect from hidden enemies, and actually even make them change their approach towards the individual. The planet will not only shield the native but also can make the enemies realize the wrongness of their actions, and bring honest apologies towards the chart owner. Such events can create great friends afterward, even if this procedure of making your foe a friend can feel rather awkward.

Natal Jupiter in the 12th house can many times signify that the chart owner hides his religious or philosophical beliefs. He might have been brought up in a family that does not really accept the child’s road to spirituality, and so the young native develops his beliefs away from other people’s eyes. Alternatively, the native can be living in a cultural surrounding that does not tolerate differences in beliefs, and can even be pretending to follow a different religion just so that the people who surround him do not mistreat him.

This natal position of Jupiter in the 12th house can bring quite a lot of paranormal events, mostly of an uncontrolled nature. Of course, the benefic energy that planet Jupiter bears will mostly bring positive outcomes from such bizarre situations. The combination of Neptunian and Jupiterian energies can even create miracles, the materialization of prayers and other profound and life-changing spiritual experiences.

Many of these experiences will manifest while the person chooses to live some periods of solitude and to meditate, and he should be careful of whom to reveal them to. There are quite a lot of possibilities that he will not be believed by others. In addition, the Neptunian traits of the house will make such events strictly subjective, passing certain meanings that can only apply to the life of the native. This will make such events barely understandable to other individuals.

Jupiter in the 12th house will make the person an altruist and a dreamer, frequently indulging in visions of utopian societies where personal benefits do not matter. No matter how wonderful such ideas sound, the native with Jupiter in the 12th house is advised to always keep one foot on the ground. His philosophical approach about universal love may be theoretically correct, but it is always better to keep a trace of common reality. In fact, a stable basis on reality can be of great aid to expand towards alternative realities; the best way to jump to the skies is to have stable ground under you.

When Jupiter is residing in the 12th house, the individual should be careful not to allow the planet expand any possible “martyr syndromes” that can dwell deep in his mind. His self-sacrifice tendencies for others can often help other people, but it would be quite wrong to constantly create similar situations, just to feel being of use. In the end, this can lead to being taken advantage of, or elsehow self-destruct – even if Jupiter is well-aspected.

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