Natal Pluto in the 1st House

When Pluto is located in the 1st house of a natal chart, it creates the most noticeable individuals that exist. Such natives have an intense character and have a dark atmosphere hovering around them. They often prefer wearing black or otherwise dark clothes, and often seem morbid. Their eyes are very powerful and dominating, and their overall appearance is magnetic. Their stare is seductive and erotic, even if they do not radiate sexuality when people look at them.

Individuals with Pluto in the 1st house have an incredibly strong will power. When they desire something, they will do everything to get it; most times they will succeed even if the chances of success are narrow. They can easily become obsessed, and when adverse aspects to the planet are present, their obsessions might lead to extreme behaviors of jealousy. They are aware of their power; Plutonian people know their abilities and when they use them, their effect cannot be unnoticed. Such people can even accidentally intimidate others, just by being present near them. The world categorizes them as mysterious and secretive, and indeed they maintain a lot of privacy about their life and who they really are. For them, living in the shadows is quite natural.

There is a big possibility for natives with Pluto in the 1st house to have spent a difficult childhood. Their family might be poor, or they might have general survival issues. If Pluto is in a tough aspect with Mars, this person might have to survive a war or a destroyed country during his childhood. It is quite probable that such patterns will reappear in his life, as Pluto rules death and rebirth. The death might just be symbolical, indicating a situation or way of life that has to die in order to give birth to a new condition, which is many times for the better. In any case, individuals with such an aspect will have to experience a lot of transformative experiences during their lives. These make them wiser than the average, as they can understand the big picture of life, death and the transcending periods in between.

There probably are emotional scars left from their early years; this can make them rather harsh and difficult to handle. A first house Pluto is always suspicious, ready to attack first if he smells mischief or betrayal in the air. For them, it takes longer to trust, and when their trust is betrayed, they suffer heavily. They always try to see things on a deeper level, to understand the reasons behind facts and foresee possible outcomes. This can sometimes lead to paranoiac behavior, as their natural suspicion might create imaginative enemies or nonexistent hostile situations. An action that they commonly use is peering in the other person’s eyes, to uncover the truth behind what the other person says. Such individuals have loner tendencies, and love to walk in the night. Also, macabre mysterious and dark places as graveyards, abandoned buildings and everything spooky are among their favorite destinations for a walk. They are quite interested in gothic style and darkness in the arts, while many of them are lovers of black and white photography.

When Pluto is positioned in the house of the Self, the native’s main goal is to acquire personal power. This does not have to be through money, sex or a career and a prestigious position. It can be from one of them, all of them or even none of them. Power is something really subjective and personal in this situation and highly depend on which area of life or particular thing can create an obsession to the native. It takes what it yearns for, what gives power to the native.

One of the most difficult things is to manipulate a person with Pluto in the 1st house. Their inner defenses are so alert that they even get activated by false alarms. They can be great leaders, especially when their Pluto is positively aspecting the Sun or Jupiter. In case they reach a high level of authority, they tend to be autocratic.

If you have Pluto in the 1st house, understand that by taming his destructive energies, you can reach your goals more easily, and without creating possible negative effects to others. Work on that inner rage, learn to trust people even when they help you and try to relax from overthinking. The world is not your enemy, even if some individuals and some situations are. After all, Pluto is all about letting go. Let go of the difficult past, let go of your obsessions. When you will co-operate with Pluto, you will be rewarded. And as the ruler of the underworld, it can even gift you gold. Metaphorically, but also literally.

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