Natal Mercury in the 5th House

People who have this placement will have a very intellectual first child, which has strong Gemini or Virgo emphasis in their natal chart. The child’s intelligence is evolving very quickly and the native will be dedicating a lot of effort in aiding him to develop his speech and logic. Their relationship will be based on communication, and the strong bond will continue even when the child becomes an adult.

Mercury in the 5th house makes the native very gifted concerning communication with children and is considered excellent for a career as a teacher or in a kindergarten. Playing with them brings joy to the native and he takes great pleasure in entertaining them. The native is able to find creative ways for children to learn, while the children tend to adore him as they have a lot of fun.
The native’s mind is constantly drawn towards entertainment. The native has a good sense of humor and has a rather playful character. Mercury in the 5th house will make the individual like games and sports that have to do with thinking. He will like chess or any other board games that involve strategy. In addition, he will frequently indulge in playing games of knowledge with friends; in case that the 5th house is connected to his 2nd house or its ruler, there are possibilities of winning in a television game of questions. If you have such an aspect, test your knowledge (and luck) at your favorite TV program and maybe you will not regret it!

As the 5th house also rules gain through speculation, the native’s mind can excel in stock market analysis. He is very intuitive about the future calibrations of the stock values; this makes him able to foresee good bargains to invest in, while also the correct time when to sell.

A person with Mercury in the 5th house is attracted to talkative people, and will easily open a conversation with a stranger. His flirting is fast and quirky, and there is usually a lot of talking even in bed. The 5th house is responsible for casual sex; so Mercury as a fast-moving planet will bring a lot of short and unstable affairs. Even when in a relationship, a person with such a placement will continue talking and flirting with other people. There is an internal need for playful communication and this does not necessarily imply infidelity. For them, this is mostly sharpening their communicative skills; such people have too much information inside of them and adore sharing some. Many times, even the way that the native communicates is childlike; he loves talking about his favorite music, series or hobbies and can literally go on for hours. When flirting, he will not necessarily indulge in seducing the other person, as it is communication what he yearns for the most.

In case that Mercury is adversely afflicted, the winged messenger planet has another side, a darker one. The gift of speech can be used for manipulation, and humor can become a Trojan horse for the native’s tactics. There can be multiple love affairs at the same time, with lies and secrecy his erotic life covering as a fog. This is more prominent to happen when MarsPlutoUranus or Neptune are involved with adverse aspects. Usually, such behaviors evolve when Mercury is aspected by more than one “malefics”.

A 5th house Mercury person should guard against pride. This placement indeed creates a very smart person but they are not the only ones. Being a smart-aleck is usually pushing people away, no one likes the smart-ass who knows everything and doesn’t know how to behave well. Forcing the others to receive knowledge is also not the most pleasant experience (for others, not for the one who forces!), so if you have this placement and you see people running away from you, you know what you should stop doing.

When someone has Mercury in the 5th house, traditionally ruled by Leo sign, he has excellent abilities of script writing or anything else connected with the theatre and acting. Of course, whoever is good at writing and acting is also good at lying and pretending. If you see difficult aspects falling on your natal Mercury, consider changing these habits – you will see that the planet will start operating better and will bring more pleasure into your life!

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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