Natal Neptune in the 1st House

When Neptune is located in the first house of a native, its ethereal nature opens the gates of the other realms, making the person very sensitive to everything around him. He uses osmosis for perceiving reality and is a very strong receptor, an antenna that can receive literally everything that is near his personal sphere (or even not near). This is a double-edged knife as it can give enormous abilities but also weakens his defense towards negative influences from his surroundings.

An important advice before we continue about the traits the mysterious planet can gift: people with such a placement should be very careful with drugs, alcohol and any substance that can furthermore blur his already liquid reality. Neptune itself is creating a personality that is stepping with only one leg to the ground, so misuse of substances might totally disconnect someone from the common reality. If Neptune is only positively aspected and shielded by strong planets, then experimenting will not harm the native but rather enhance his ability to understand the thin web of how the universe functions. Nevertheless, any usage should be under control and he should never allow himself to get hooked on any kind of dependent substance. Individuals that have adverse aspects from MarsPlutoSaturn and Uranus should not even try to experiment. They are very prone to substance abuse, and such kind of behaviors might awaken/create mental illnesses and psychological problems.

The main characteristic that Neptune in the 1st house gives is magnetic and mysterious eyes. They are so different than most other eyes, that it is frequently easy to tell who has this placement. They look out-worldly, piercing and secretive; people with such a placement are some of the most difficult to be read through their eyes. You cannot understand when they are lying, and they do not betray what their mind is thinking that moment. Usually, they are green blue or gray, and they give a feeling as if the person is not looking at you in your eyes but rather focusing some centimeters behind them.
Such kind of people can have great abilities of hypnosis, their penetrative look can easily mesmerize. This ability is enhanced when Neptune is supported by trines or sextiles from Jupiter, Pluto, the Sun or the Moon. The light of each of these planets is reflected by Neptune and projected to the outer world, granting even more power in their gaze. Neptune acts as a mystical mirror; other people can easily perceive him as having any of these planets in the first house. Neptune is the planet of masquerade. No one can understand who exactly the person with Neptune in the 1st house is. Even more, the other people project themselves in the mirroring presence of such a native and tend to believe that he has the same characteristics as themselves.
You probably have read the book “The Perfume” of Patrick Süskind, or seen the movie that was based on it. A paragraph about the protagonist can give you the exact vision of how Neptune functions when in the first house:

Everyone considered the man in the blue jacket
as the most beautiful human being they have ever seen:
nuns saw on him the Messiah in flesh;
Satan’s adorers the lustrous Prince of Darkness;
philosophers the Supreme Being;
young females an enchanted prince;
Men an ideal reflection of themselves.

Neptune is by no means the most stable planet. Having it in the house of Self can blur one’s goals. Such a native might not have concrete aims for his life, thus acting unreliably and preferring roaming around without a reason or a structured plan. This does not mean he does not enjoy it; it can create a very happy bohemian, a bon viveur, a flaneur of life. His life might be extremely interesting and full, yet without the stability that other people prefer to have around them. They usually have vivid dreams, many of which are prophetic. A lot of them can develop abilities of clairvoyance, however, with Neptune in the 1st house, these abilities might not be easily controlled and tamed. The planet is too misty to be fully understood, even astrologers have a hard time understanding its effects in a natal chart. Their childhood was floating in fantasies and they usually build their own fantasy world around them. If they have good writing abilities through other planets positions in their chart, they can become amazing fantasy/science/mystery fiction writers.

Natives with Neptune in the 1st house are often confused about their identity. They constantly daydream, can live inside book/series characters and even copy a lot of their characteristics. They have hard time establishing a self-definition; they actually do not care about it. Being fluid is something they like, and there are frequent changes in their personality. They are sponges with endless capacity, so their character is constantly evolving to something different. They will have a lot of spiritual experiences in their life, and many unexplained things will happen to them. As their gates of perception are more open than the rest of people, they attract supernatural phenomenas.

Individuals with Neptune in the 1st house should also be careful not to be hypnotized by mischievous people who can use them. As we already mentioned, their widely opened gates have less defense towards external influences. Also, they should diminish the feelings of guilt as much as possible; they tend to take on their back the guilt for anything bad happening in the world. In addition, they have a tendency of trying to become saviors or even martyrs for the others. If they keep low on these traits, they can save themselves from many trouble, as it will be a lot more difficult for other people to use them. Altruism is great, but one must always take care of himself instead of taking care of the others only. This way, he will indeed be able to help and serve others in a correct way.

When a first house Neptune has other people around him, he can easily understand their feelings. When entering a café, he can feel people’s thoughts, so it is necessary to keep away from places with negative energy or psychic vampires. Once every three or four days, it is wise to pass a day away from masses of people, to regenerate the personal energy and get cleaned from others’ psychic influences. This will help the person to also self-determine his existence because when he is frequently surrounded by masses his subconscious is overly-copying characteristics and patterns that are not his own.

Music is extremely important for people with Neptune in the 1st house, as well as anything artistic. Neptune in the first house does not grant some artistic ability by itself; he creates the appreciator of other’s art. People with such a placement can become great art critics.

Their body needs more sleep than most other people; they tend to be weak of physical strength even if they have an athletic figure. In physical battles, they have the tendency to surrender or run, unless some strong planet like Mars or Pluto supports the passive Neptune. In addition, they are more prominent than others to develop confusing and rare chronic illnesses or to discover an illness that they already have.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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