Natal Venus in the 12th House

When natal Venus is located in the 12th house of a person, its beneficial rays are spreading into the dark side of one’s personality. By saying dark side, ones’ mind should not think about anything negative. The dark side implied here is mostly what the person does not know about himself, or hides from the world. The subconscious, the unconscious, is also part of the twelfth house, as a terra incognita which most people cannot fully explore or understand in themselves. The twelfth house also rules everything that suppresses the native and whatever has to do with confinement. It is the house of fears and occultism, and the warm Venusian light can have a deep impact on the person’s psyche, mostly beneficial.

The 12th House is a relatively complicated place that has to do with the unconscious, isolation, fears and the world behind the scenes. However, in this sector, Venus is in its accidental exaltation, indicating that the planet is doing well, even better than it would under normal conditions. However, it may indicate a greater difficulty in gratification or satisfaction with the things that happen in your life, although you also have conditions or desires to mask such dissatisfactions.

Some inhibitions in feelings and misadventures in relationships can also be experienced eventually. If Venus is in contact with Jupiter, there may be an exaggeration in the search for self-satisfaction, mainly through tools that take you out of reality and lead you to escapism. The native may have a propensity to hide his emotional nature and may pretend to be what he is not, as well as hide some relationships and romantic feelings.

It suggests feeling a certain love for solitude, with touches of melancholy. Care should be taken with secret relationships that often culminate in pain and sadness, and are often not exposed to the person who caused them.

The native may also be more drawn to spiritual issues, such as meditation and inner peace, and may see this as beautiful and have a greater desire to serve others. In relationships, he tends to be more compassionate and to make sacrifices if he deems it necessary. Often, succeeding according to societal standards is not important to the person, who deep down may want a broader understanding of the meaning of life and take pleasure in that pursuit.

You can always be harmonizing your mind with your own Higher Self. The ideal is to avoid excessive alcoholic beverages or any other drug, since such an attitude can be very harmful, and you should always be careful with any type of narcotic and balance your energies towards less toxic things.

A feeling that he should be alone and work in seclusion may occasionally arise, although social stimuli always seem to conflict with such feelings. You may have valuable skills or hidden talents related to people skills, artistic and intuitive abilities, but it takes time to discover those skills.

This planet in the 12th house tends to make feelings live in a more internalized, secret or hidden way, either voluntarily or by obligation, and of course this can mean emotional trials (especially with negative aspects), separation, difficulty in legalizing relationships. , or a certain loneliness in this area. On the other hand, the sense of dedication is more marked, and the affective plane can sometimes be sublimated through activities in the service of others. It should be noted that in general, there is a tendency to pessimism in affective relationships, or to the fact of unconsciously seeking complex situations. In terms of health, it’s more the renal plan or everything that affects the thyroid, the neck, etc… as well as the prostate (for the

The good aspects of Pluto increase the intensity of the passions but also make it possible to question oneself positively in this area, those of Neptune can promote well-lived platonic affections even if this is hidden, those of Uranus can push more to love in a more collective or disinterested way, those of Saturn give constancy but increase internalization, those of Jupiter compensate for being in the 12th house and allow you to find a better balance there, those of Mars give more intensity but also of balance to the way of living the affective, those of the Moon give a better capacity of adaptation.

The negative aspects of Pluto can lead to complex or badly experienced situations and a difficulty in finding a balance in feelings (difficulty to detach), those of Neptune will tend too idealistic and with a tendency to suffer estrangements from loved ones, those of of Uranus will make emotional life more unstable and will increase the risk of hidden relationships, those of Saturn will increase the risk of internalization and emotional frustration, those of Jupiter will bring an imbalance in the way of living relationships, those of Mars will accentuate the discrepancy between desires and feelings, those of the Moon will create a greater emotional imbalance.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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