Numerology life path 22 – Master Number

Numerology lifepath 22 is a master builder. The number 22 is very powerful. Anyone possessing this life path number has a date with destiny


First are your Character Traits


  • Extremely capable of reaching the very top of his/her chosen profession
  • An inborn understanding of material problems and their forces
  • Very perceptive in most things
  • The inner fire of a 22 is visible to all he/she comes into contact with
  • The nervous tension felt by a 22 cannot often be hidden

The Lesson

The life path 22 must learn to live up to his/her potential being although aware and highly perceptive as he/she is will find self often frustrated at not being able to put the puzzle together when confronted with a problem. Learning to harness the great power to accomplish great things will not come to the 22 in his/her early years.

After maturity will come better understanding and he/she will be a wonder to see in all his/her endeavors. Learning how to harness this great potential and use it constructively for the betterment of those around him/her or the world in general will be the lesson for this lifetime.

The Negative Forces Within

The life. path 22 must not use his power for selfish reasons as he will circumvent the destiny of the master number 22 and will be very aware of misusing it which will lead to unrest and a troubled soul.

Occasionally a negative 22 will be overwhelmed by this powerful force and try to retreat from it which he/she must not do as the world needs him/her and it will result in another wasted life span.

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