Natal Venus in the 2nd House

One does not need a lot of imagination to understand what happens when the benefic planet Venus is located in the house of possessions and wealth. This natal aspect is one of the best to have for your finances, as Venus is also the natural ruler of the second house. Its presence brings a prosperous life while making the native a person who enjoys all types of luxury. Venus, as the most feminine planet, attracts. Located in the second house, it attracts money. Indeed, the individuals born under this natal position will see a rather generous flow of cash through their pockets and bank accounts. Even if they do not become rich, they will live as one, spending extravagant amounts of money on entertainment, arts, and beauty.

Here the native is prone to have a little more appreciation for his belongings and resources and tries to focus on things of value (or that he considers of personal value), since he can feel more pleasure being in a comfortable environment. The person with Venus in the second house wants comfort, wants good and beautiful things, wants to feel good where he is. With this, the search for well-being and quality of life is expanded. In extreme situations, this positioning also increases laziness, lethargy, and the feeling that he is in his comfort zone and that he should stay there.

Acquisitions are always welcome, especially if the goal is to improve the relationship with your partner or to make things more beautiful. In general, people with this configuration are a bit more outgoing, as Venus has a “beautifying” effect on the natives’ wits. When everything goes well, generosity can be excellent, because even if the person is very attached to material things, he has good taste and knows how to use his resources.

It tends to be a bit more passive in terms of income, meaning the money probably comes to the person instead of always having to chase it. You may also value safety more, typically by avoiding risk.

You may also gauge your partner’s feelings in terms of what they give you, just as you may want to show your love by giving gifts. Regarding the senses, touching, smelling, listening can be quite pleasant activities.

This planet in House 2 indicates a certain taste for this material and financial domain, but mainly it can show a link between money and love, a link which can generate interest, confusion, a need to please in order to acquire, etc.

There may therefore also be the need for material security in order to experience the affective. Finally, it is the sign of a need to enjoy the concrete pleasures of life, and of course the money earned by work can be related to a Venusian profession.

According to the aspects, the behavior in this area will be modified: the good aspects of Pluto generate greater passion, those of Neptune a certain ease in balancing desires and the ideal, those of Uranus the sense of communication to please even by interest, those of Saturn, a certain seriousness and stability, those of Jupiter a certain pure luck, those of Mars the ability to act to obtain what is desired, those of Mercury, the ability to convince and negotiate, those of the Moon the sense of adaptation, those of the Sun, a greater need to satisfy one’s desires.

The negative aspects of Pluto, the risk of dangerously mixing love and interest, those of Neptune the risk of illusions and disillusions if the two domains are mixed, those of Uranus a risk of instability and rupture by interest, those of Saturn a latent dissatisfaction, those of Jupiter an excess in the needs and therefore in the expenses, those of Mars an imbalance in the way of acting, those of the Moon a little caprice and an excessive dependence.

As always, it is necessary to make the synthesis of the aspects to Venus taking into account the sign of Venus and that of the house 2 which is the backdrop of the way in which this domain is lived.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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