Natal Neptune in the 3rd House

The misty planet Neptune brings a lot of fog to all issues ruled by the house where it is located in a natal chart. When in the third house, it mostly affects the native’s communications, siblings, neighbors and nearby travels.

This placement tends to scatter the mind and make it chaotic; the person should keep away from occupations that have to deal with numbers as it is irresponsible to handle information that has very important details. On the contrary, the mind becomes very intuitive and can excel in more abstract areas. The native must be very careful in filling important papers, as his mind will frequently forget to fill all the necessary data or do crucial mistakes because of lack of concentration.

Neptune in the 3rd house is strongly connected with writing and creating art; his presence in the third house can grant poetic abilities or lead someone to become a painter or a sculptor. If Neptune is aspected by Venus, then these abilities are a life path that will surely be followed, and the person will also dance beautifully. As characters, they are calm and people tend to like them. Third house Neptunians do not quarrel and people tend to show a lot of sympathy towards them. They are mostly considered as calm, cute and sometimes even boring, as they seem lost in their own world.

Neptune in the 3rd house can confuse relations with siblings. It gives possibilities of having step-brothers and step-sisters, while also having siblings far away or not knowing them. As the third house rules neighbors, the borders with them can become quite flexible and make them behave like siblings. At least one sibling might be of an artistic type, while if there are hard aspects to natal Neptune, the sibling might have problems with substance abuse or alcoholism.

The third house is responsible for aliases and nicknames; the native might rarely use his real name and instead prefer some nicknames. This is even more frequent when he has some artistic inclinations; he then usually creates an alter-ego, a fictional name and persona under which he prefers to present his works to the masses.

This position of Neptune is great for entering Astrology studies. The native can easily perceive the mechanism under the movements of the stars and understand the big picture, while the planet’s sponge-like behavior can devour great amounts of information about planetary positions and aspects. This can build a big database of information in his mind, and so his astrological readings will have a lot of success both because of the amount of knowledge stored and because of his natural sensitive receptors that promote mediumship and foreseeing.

The third house also rules our ability to adapt and connect with our surroundings and immediate world, and Neptune has the magic ability to make it unstable and chaotic. The individual will frequently be late at his appointments or even forget about them at all. There is a lack of discipline and organization in everyday tasks, which when the native is young and still at school can lead to challenges in learning. He is frequently daydreaming during the time he has to study, and from a young age will show a preference for reading fairy tales and other books that will evolve his fantasy and imagination. He prefers to absorb information through intuition; the regular ways of education seem quite boring – the native thinks in images, sounds and feelings rather than in written words.

Short journeys are ruled by the third house, and Neptune in the 3rd house gives a lot of short travels by sea or some rest at the beach. People with this natal aspect will prefer places with water in general; rivers, waterfalls, lakes and so on. Such places give them the peace of mind they need – they are the perfect spots for meditating and thinking about their next steps in life.

Individuals with this placement are easily hypnotized, especially with the help of moving objects, and can easily become followers of religions or sects, as they usually easily accept spiritual ideas imposed on them.

A good piece of advice for people with Neptune in the 3rd house is to always have a more stable person near you, whether it is while learning at school, studying or working. Someone who brings you back to earth while you are distracted, someone who will inspire you to keep yourself organized or even organizes you himself. The good thing is that there will always be such kind of people present, a third house Neptune brings a lot of kind people around you, you just have to choose the best ones, reach out their hand and bring them near you. A third house Neptune is always receiving help – except if he stays too shy to ask for it and no one notices!

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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