Natal Mercury in Virgo

When a person has his natal Mercury in Virgo, it is considered in domicile and thus in its highest potency. In addition, in the sign of Virgo, it is the point of Mercury’s exaltation, and more precisely at its 15th degree. Mercury is at home, functioning at full speed, and the only other sign where he can be as powerful is in Gemini, which is also ruled by him. This is a perfect placement to have in a natal chart, as all his powers can flow without any blocking or any influences from other (and maybe contradictory) energies and planets. Of course, this can be a double-edged knife, as it may appear quite difficult to tame such a powerful Mercury.

Mercury in Virgo is in your rulership sign, a position that indicates an analytical mind, with a great capacity for practical reasoning. Whoever has this position in the chart insists on an exact and refined precision that can even seem boring to other people. They demand organized environments, efficient methods and procedures, especially in their work area. This is Mercury’s best position for detailed scientific investigation.

Unlike Gemini Mercury, who is interested in the idea outright, Virgo Mercury is primarily interested in ideas that have a practical application for status and financial success for their own benefit.

People with this position can devote themselves to work and tasks, preferring not to waste time on things they consider useless. However, they generally achieve professional and financial success only when they acquire a good education, knowledge, and specialized skills.

Interest in grammar and proficiency in this area can make them excellent in their speaking and writing. They may also have an easier time becoming fluent in other languages. In general, when mastering the writing of any language, people with this position will insist on the proper use of grammar, spelling and punctuation, influenced by the desire for perfectionism of the Virgo sign.

Debido a esto, pueden ser excelentes traductores, revisores, periodistas y corresponsales. En fin, cualquier actividad que en la que se requiera que el idioma esté escrito correctamente. Sin embargo, a diferencia de Mercurio en Leo, ellos pueden perder de vista cuestiones más importantes debido a la excesiva preocupación por los detalles.

Los temas sobre medicina, dieta e higiene, matemáticas y trabajos que requieren precisión y detalles también suelen atraer su atención.

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