Chiron in the 11th House

Natal Chiron in the 11th house of a natal chart indicates some emotional wounds connected with the native’s friendships and loneliness. The eleventh house rules friends, groups, and organizations; thus the asteroid’s presence here shows unresolved traumas related to the house’s matters. Chiron in the eleventh house can also signify an early disappointment in childhood concerning group activities, as the native may have felt rejected by children communities. Generally, asteroid Chiron is responsible for traumas and their healing; thus the house where it is placed is a rather sensitive area of the native’s life.

In case that the asteroid is negatively aspected, especially by Mars, Saturn or Pluto, the native may have experienced quite a lot of suffering. On the other hand, a well-aspected Chiron indicates abilities to heal other people in the respective life area, as the native has learned quite a lot from his own experiences. Chiron in the house of friends may make the chart owner feel like an alien when in groups of people.

This placement can make him shy while being around others, and unable to express his thoughts and feelings. The chart owner has a subconscious fear of not being accepted or even ridiculed. He feels that his thought frequencies cannot synchronize with the other group members. Misunderstandings can arise, and even if he is accepted in a group, he will always feel as an outsider. This behavior can trace back to childhood years, when other children may have left him outside of organized events, or even bullied him. Such a chart owner feels quite better when his friendships are not structured in groups, and when he sees every person individually. A chart owner with Chiron in the 11th house may have been abandoned by friends, which will induce fears about making new friendships.

He will get constantly stressed, worrying that his friends might abandon him again. In extreme cases where Chiron has bad aspects, his friends may even have stabbed him in the back, using him for their purposes and then harming him. This natal placement is typical of chart owners who have become victims of bio-vampires, or of other types of individuals that take advantage of people. Sometimes, Chiron in the 11th house can even indicate that the native willingly suffers martyrdom by friends, sacrificing himself and in the end getting victimized. An 11th house Chiron person may have visions of a better society where groups function in a healthy way and of trying hard to be good for friends, yet receiving the opposite from them.

The 11th house also rules one’s wishes and dreams about the future, and Chiron in the 11th house has an adverse effect on them. As the native’s dreams may be frequently shattered, he can be afraid to wish new things for the future. If you have this placement, do not get discouraged though. Maybe reality does not allow you to fly away towards your wishes as you would want to, yet there is a reason behind that. Your wishes were actually induced by Chiron’s presence in the house, and thus they are nothing more than the urge to heal its wounds. So, instead of daydreaming about things that would indirectly heal Chiron’s wounds, try to understand the nature of these traumas and work on them consciously.

You will then realize that even your life wishes will change! When becoming a friend with someone, always question yourself, whether you really like him or that person is just covering your social needs. Chiron in the 11th house can bring to the native desperate choices concerning friends. Do not let this happen, even if loneliness is an issue for you. It is better to have fewer friends than bad friends. In addition, when you enter social groups, double-check the quality of its members. Usually, 11th house problems are rooted in the groups of people that you choose, and not in your own self! It is absurd to complain about being rejected or mistreated by a group when you, yourself, can see that the members have bad characteristics. Unless, of course, you have a dream to become exactly like them.

Curiously enough, this natal placement is quite good for people who work with group therapy. Chiron may gift them with great abilities of healing individuals, heighten the quality of a group and empower its member’s dreams. Having experienced disappointments himself, the native knows how to aid others to establish balance in such social structures. An 11th house Chiron person can become a good psychologist, mostly in the field of group counseling.

This can be also very helpful in jobs connected with HR. Even if his own life does not correspond to the advice he gives, he can still offer very helpful tips, based on his own problematic patterns. If you have this placement, we strongly advise you to examine the natal aspects of Chiron so that you understand the whole big picture. Sometimes, by strengthening the planets that trine or sextile Chiron you can indirectly heal yourself, without having to dedicate a lot of time and effort in researching your childhood years with the aid of a professional.

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