Natal Pluto in the 9th House

Having natal Pluto in the 9th house is a very powerful position, which can lead the native to profound discoveries of the secrets regarding how reality functions. Pluto here is capable to grant power over people, and the individual should be very careful not to misuse it. When Pluto is located in the house ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter, its penetrative abilities to observe details are strongly expanded. This placement may make the individual follow the road of the scientist, as the 9th house is responsible for higher education. His studies can be connected with molecular biology, nuclear physics or anything else that has to do with research in depth and in details. The native also has great abilities to become a psychologist, mostly specialized in massive currents and phenomena…

This planet in 9th house will indicate a certain tendency to have radical or even sometimes revolutionary conceptions. Basically, it is also the sign of a certain form of requirement at the level of the ideal, of a need for new experiences, and therefore of possible major transformations in relation to foreign countries, travel, etc….

With favorable aspects of Saturn, tenacity and stubbornness are reinforced but in a rather constructive sense, with those of Jupiter it will be a better ability to judge and guide in the domains of the 9th house, with those of Mars there will have more combativeness and the desire to fight for an ideal, with those of Venus the passion will be reinforced to live marginal experiences or bringing about profound transformations, with those of Mercury the ability to diagnose and the strategic sense will be stronger, with those of the Moon will be the ability to listen but also to discover, with those of the Sun we will be dealing with a person ready to fight to modify and transform in a constructive way.

With unfavorable aspects of Saturn, there is a risk of intolerance, intransigence, sometimes fanaticism, with those of Jupiter a difficulty in guiding and advising, with those of Mars the radical side will be exaggerated in the fights against injustice or certain conceptions , with those of Venus it will be the risk of difficult or complex experiences that may involve foreigners, with those of Mercury it is the critical sense that will be excessive and therefore the tendency to provocation and controversy, with those of the Moon it is doubt and guilt that can disturb the mind, with those of the Sun the person risks marginalizing themselves too much and using too radical means to get their opinions recognized.

As always, it is necessary to synthesize the aspects to Pluto taking into account the sign of the 9th house which is the backdrop to the way in which this area is experienced.

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