South Node in the 4th House

Being born with the South Node in the 4th house indicates that the native should give less importance towards creating a family and continuing the traditions of his ancestors, and instead concentrate on developing his career and get powerful in the eyes of the masses. In addition, a vital karmic request of his path is to become a great strategist, able to manage an entrepreneurship or another type of organization.
As the Lunar Nodes are always opposing each other, a 4th house South Node gives a 10th house North node. That placement has been excessively analyzed in the respective article.

A person with the South Node in the 4th house feels quite comfortable in the coziness of his house, in the presence of his mother and in memories of his childhood. The fourth house is traditionally ruled by Cancer and the Moon, and signifies one’s early ages, being nurtured and family atmosphere. During previous lives, he may have been a simple family-orientated person, who enjoyed passing his time at home. In addition, he was taking care of his own field and garden, probably also growing his own agricultural products. Curiously enough, such a native might have also been a cook or elsehow employed in the food industry.

the South Node in the 4th house indicates a strong urge to create a nest and will tempt the person to invest a lot of effort and money in his house. He will be very fond of choosing his home’s decoration, taking care of domestic matters and even routine jobs such as preparing food. If the chart owner is a male, he might have a female approach towards daily matters and domestic management. This side of him can be also responsible for weakening his masculine energy. In case that a man allows his South Node tendencies control his life, he might even end up being the person who stays at home while his wife is working. Ability to keep a household runs in his veins, and this also echoes in this incarnation. That can be particularly noticed in people whose 4th house also contains vital planets, powerful by sign or strongly aspected by other planets and points.

Such aspects will create a strong ease towards expanding in the same direction, and these patterns can easily reappear. The individual will definitely develop them during his young years. In some cases, even memories of home from previous incarnations can become visible. The young individual will possibly draw a lot of pictures of houses, gardens, fields, and surroundings that are not inspired by what he sees, but from his past life.

Of course, living the same patterns again does not really help the native progress, as his soul path is now showing a need to move towards the opposite direction and pay attention to leaving his mark on the masses. The 4th/10th axis of the Lunar Nodes is probably a hard dilemma that life can impose on someone. It creates the common stereotype of “work vs family”, and needs a very careful approach so as to establish the correct priorities. Nevertheless, a transit usually awakens his consciousness and the native will choose consciously to abandon old habits and strive towards new ones.

Curiously enough, benefic planets such as Venus or Jupiter in conjunction with the South Node in the 4th house can manifest in such a great way that the native will really not want to change his views concerning family life. These two planets, especially if well-aspected, will bring him extreme happiness at home. He may have inherited a large house and land that can even support him economically, while also have had a great childhood. He may be blessed with a very kind mother, and the whole domestic atmosphere is so pleasant that he will not want to abandon it.
Therefore, such a native will have to fight harder within his own mind, as someone does not easily relinquish domestic equilibrium, in order to do the exact opposite and dedicate himself towards building a career, ruling others and establishing fame in the people’s eyes. It takes strength and courage to choose walking the difficult road.

A person with the South Node in the 4th house must discover himself the progress that fighting inside the system could give him. The North Node in the 10th indicates a karmic duty to become a role model for groups of people. Such a person must experience leadership, and also responsibility for others. He must be the pioneer that will inspire so that others will follow. A stereotype for others to copy, a person who through wisdom, experience and fairness will become the head of his own pyramid.

We should hereby note that the South Node is debilitating the power of any planet that it conjuncts, and this can even be quite helpful. Malefic planets are still remaining tough to bear, yet they are losing quite a lot of their potency. Of course, benefic planets are also operating less powerfully. Imagine the South Node as a gravitational hole, sucking energy from the nearby planets- no matter what type. The South Node is the entropy, leading the system of your own self towards stability and eventually decay. On the other hand, pursuing the path that your North Node dictates is literally allowing fresh energy flow to your system, negative entropy that protects your soul from getting stuck in stability (even if it’s the type that you enjoy).

Do not forget that by fulfilling the life lessons that the North Node dictates, one can safely activate his South Node house again. In this situation, the native will be able to also concentrate on his career and even fame; however, the only way for it to function well is when the Lunar Nodes come to a karmic balance.

Learn to leave back your South Node and embrace the lessons that the opposite house has to offer. Yes, you will leave quite a lot of things behind. But it is the only way to make yourself rise as a conscious human being, a person who holds his fate in his own hands. Then, you will be able to concentrate more on creating your own family, or if it already exists to dedicate your time to them as they deserve.

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