Saturn Return: Survival tips

We already mentioned in our previous article about the Saturn Return, that there is no actual way of escaping this transit and the turbulence that it might bring in our lives, as it is a necessary process for our personal evolution. Nevertheless, there are some Saturn Return survival tips for smoothing this difficult personal period and cooperating with the ringed planet in a way that will feel less harsh. Some of the pieces of advice given below are just different psychological perspectives, while some might even reach the borders of magick. From our side, we wish you a gentle Saturn Return.

It is important to understand that the whole lesson of this transit, is about you taking control of yourself, becoming a conscious being and entering life’s game as a player and not as a pawn. Take your life in your hands. Here are some survival tips to help:

  • Learn to let go. During this period, a lot of your previous characteristics signifying your youth must be left aside. Childish behaviors, bad habits, procrastination and a lot more must all be left behind, as they just consume your precious time. And, through this transit, you will definitely learn to value your time a lot more, as it is guaranteed that you will be somehow taught by life that… time is running out, and you have much less than you thought.
  • Learn what not to let go. Going through a Saturn return does not mean killing the child inside you. It means building for the child a stable new self, in which it can be preserved and can operate harmonically as an adult. Do not fall into the traps of depression; Saturn’s Return is not about abolishing joy from life. It is about building a platform which will support all your joyful moments for the next 30 years.
  • Accept your responsibilities. Saturn is the planet ruling growing up and structuring your reality. Understand that your past actions and choices have brought you to where you are and have created what you are. There is no time for changing the past; you must use the present, in order to build your future. Chill down, understand the carriage that you carry, take a big breath and start carrying.
  • Reevaluate your goals. Dig deep, and understand what possible future would make you happy. There is a big possibility that you do not know the answer. In that case, understand what possible futures would not make you happy. Erase them as possibilities. Do not follow them, and narrow your options. In the end, the best option will appear itself (and Saturn will definitely help with that if it sees that you are cooperating by following its techniques. The planet will probably give its own signs during this whole period).
  • Be serious concerning your goals. You have a wonderful opportunity to choose wisely what you want to become in your life if you haven’t chosen yet. If you have already chosen your road, and you understand that you do not like it, change it. Now is the time to restructure your reality, you do not know when the next good chance will come. If you indeed set a goal, follow it. Do not try to trick yourself because this will not work. Tricking yourself will just let Saturn take control of the situation, and when you do not respond to Saturn pressuring you, you will definitely respond to Saturn slapping you.
  • Understand that everyone goes through a Saturn Return. It is not the end of the world. Every single person passed it or will pass it. The Saturn Return is not a sword hanging above your neck. It is just a transit, maybe a heavy one, but it will end at some time. Understand that this crisis is actually an opportunity to wake up, and will most likely heighten your position in the world, in the eyes of the others, and in your own mind. When this transit will end, you will feel a lot stronger and will sometimes even laugh at the lessons that you learned.
  • Put pen to paper. As Saturn adores structuring and organizing, this way you will operate more easily during its return. The planet itself will manifest more gently and you will have all the necessary information available in hard format, not chaotically spread in every corner of your mind anymore. Having your data structured can even help in viewing the big picture, while also give possibilities for important insights.
  • Structure your time. Yes, one of the most beautiful things in life is doing whatever you want, without caring about time. So, if you want to be able to continue doing it, be wise enough and structure it now, just for this period. It will help you finish your duties earlier and easier, with less complications and problems.
  • Create your own routine. As the meaning of “time” and the perception of its passage might be one of the heaviest burdens during this period, by getting into a routine you can trick yourself into not observing it. The important thing is to choose a routine before a routine chooses you! You should find the best that suits you and follow it as much as you can; if you will not care about it then Saturn and life will impose their own routine on you and it might not be the preferable one. Choose wisely.
  • Be good to an elder person. In case that your Saturn Return is not connected with taking care of an elder person, do it symbolically. The better you behave towards elders, even when you see someone on the street, the more pleased will be your Saturn. It is the ruler of the third age; by giving your time and energy towards such a person you are creating some good Karma for yourself.
  • Push aside unnecessary people. During this period, you will understand that you no longer have time just for anyone. Recognize who is indeed a good friend and who uses you, which person suits you and which not. You will probably figure out that there is a big part of your social circle that you do not really need. This does not mean breaking ties with people though, it is just that during this transcending experience you should stick to the absolutely necessary ones.
  • Introspection. This is absolutely necessary if you want to have a smooth Saturn Return. Spend some time looking inside yourself; the answers you will get will probably astonish you. As during this critical period you must make important personal choices, introspections help you understand what is you really want and what is imposed by external factors and people. Create boundaries around you and your path. If it is your first Saturn Return, then you probably have your parents or other people trying to influence you. Listen to what you really want, as your life is your own and you will not be able to blame others afterwards if you follow their advice or pressure. Learn to say no, when you need to.
  • Finish your unfinished businesses. Pay that debt that you owe, visit the doctor that you have been avoiding for years despite of that weird ache. Open your cupboards and throw away all that junk that has been amassing during the last 30 years. In case you have unfinished situations with people, take the initiative and close that cycles too.
  • Work hard. Both metaphorically and literally. Work hard on yourself, to make yourself the person you want to be. Work hard in your job, so that you acquire the status you desire and you will be able to control your finances and your life in the way you want. Work hard towards becoming a better person, and changing your negative traits into positive ones. Work hard to become strong. In all ways.
  • Grow a beard. If you are a man. If you are a woman, please do not. Beard helps to count the time that passes during this transit, it is a portable clock for you to measure your progress. Also, it often scares women away [when it’s not trendy – Ed.], and you will have more time to work on yourself. Don’t worry, you will shave that bush when Saturn leaves its natal placement. But indeed, looking old is empowering Saturn, give it a try.

These are just some of the general advice we would give to any person who is passing (or will pass) a Saturn Return. Of course, all people vary and every natal chart is unique. Search in which house is located your natal Saturn, and you will more thoroughly understand in which life area your efforts should be concentrated on during this period. Some day, more articles will follow about the Saturn Return in every house of the natal chart.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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