Natal Venus in the 8th House

When Venus, the feminine planet of beauty, is located in the 8th house of a native, traditionally ruled by Scorpio sign, the ancient Hellenic myth of Persephone and her descent to Hades is being symbolically awakened. The 8th house is among others the house of death and sex, a gate to the occult world and strongly connected with other people’s money. Naturally, when the gentle light of Venus illuminates such a dark house, all of the above are receiving a pleasant and even artistic hue. 8th house Venusians have deep and intense emotions. For them, sex is not just a physical activity but carries all forms of art on it. They are operating in highly sexual octaves, which even depicts in the way they behave in bed.

In this sector, Venus is at its accidental detriment, which means that the planet does not have its power of action at its best, which makes its beneficial effects a little more difficult to express in relation to this house. The 8th House shows inheritances, the money that we can possibly earn from others, the couple’s money and their investments. Having this position in the chart can help in long-term financial applications, especially if Venus is in beneficial contact with Saturn or Jupiter. The couple’s finances are positively influenced, disputes and lawsuits involving money can turn to their side and favor them in a positive way, eventually bringing unexpected financial gains.

The tendency is also that the person benefits in some way from a legacy, that is, other people’s resources, at some point in life. One form of benefit can be an inheritance, for example. Sometimes money or advantages can be easily attracted, as the energies here are also linked to profit in business.

Indulging in deeply intense, emotional, and passionate physical pleasures can be a constant, though there is a tendency to hide those aspects of your nature. People in this role may be encouraged to engage in transformational processes that aim to bring to light what is hidden, such as deep-dive investigation and examination processes.

They tend to see beauty in secret or mysterious, dark and artistic things, and they can also have great sexual energy, something that can be one of the most striking points in their love relationships. It can also be easier to harmonize emotional problems, more easily regenerate from any problem in that sense. Everything that is deep, from connections to feelings, becomes even more intense and, even with great possibilities of destruction, there are also the same possibilities of regeneration.

This planet in the 8th house first shows that everything that is passionate and affective is experienced with a form of interiorization or secrecy. It is also the sign that the evolution also passes by the transformation of the emotional bases, by the questioning of certain relations or passions (according to the aspects) and it is possible that a test related to this field constitutes the point of beginning of an important change in life or in the way of living Venus… Of course, everything depends on the aspects. It is also the fact that the emotional can be linked to the financial plan.

With good aspects of Pluto, the passion is reinforced as well as the secret side, with those of Neptune it is the sign of artistic capacities to be developed, with those of Uranus the changes can be a source of fulfillment, with those of Saturn this reinforces the constancy in the passions but also the distrust, with those of Jupiter there is a certain chance or protection in the emotional difficulties, with those of Mars the desire is more easily exteriorized than the feelings while having a balance, with those of of the Moon the emotional balance is reinforced but without being externalized.

With difficult aspects of Pluto, an emotional test can be the basis of a questioning and transformation, and there is a risk of experiencing sometimes difficult or painful situations, with those of Neptune there is the risk of disillusion or emotional estrangement leading to a transformation, with those of Uranus a little like for Pluto it is a risk of difficult and unexpected events, with those of Saturn it is the difficulty of expression and concretization of feelings with risk of frustration , with those of Jupiter it is the difficulty to master the passions internally, with those of Mars there will be a discrepancy between the physical side and the “feelings” side less well lived, with those of the Moon it is all balance emotional and affective that is hard to find.

As always, we must synthesize the aspects to Venus taking into account the sign of Venus and the 8th house which is the backdrop to how this area is experienced.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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