Natal Mercury in Leo

When a person has his natal Mercury in Leo, the sign will grant a big part of its attributes to everything that Mercury represents in his chart. As Mercury is generally governing our intellect and communication, Leo energy will make the native’s expression quite vivid and even theatrical. It will also aid him leadership abilities, as it makes the chart owner eager to be listened to and admired by other people. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and has the Sun as its ruling celestial body. Leo is also the natural ruler of the fifth house, which rules fun and recreation, children, love and all that is connected with entertainment. This makes Leo Mercury people concentrate a lot on whatever is fun and involves the intellect.

Mercury in Leo indicates a mind that has a strong will and a firm purpose. People in this position can keep an incredible focus on whatever they want. Their ability to concentrate gives them a lot of energy and willpower. In general, they like to be considered authorities in the areas in which they decided to act and contribute their dramatic but convincing speech. However, if taken to an extreme, this inclination can create excessive intellectual pride and a certain arrogance.

The intellectual self-confidence indicated by Mercury in Leo favors a positive attitude to face and solve problems. However, there may be a tendency to treat things in broader terms, ignoring the details. People with this position can also ignore things that are not related to their immediate interest. Since Leo is a fixed sign, opinions are formed slowly and reluctantly.

Sometimes they can feel like they are helping someone, even if they are really getting in the way. However, they always think that they are doing well. Your plans and projects are rarely left out. Persistent, always believes and insists, even if everyone jumps ship. This characteristic, combined with their creativity, organization and leadership, offers them great executive capacity. They also have an ability to teach and work on the intellectual development of children.

Theater, investments, events, education, photography and other artistic activities are areas of interest.

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