Natal Venus in Virgo

With your natal Venus in Virgo, the earth sign will blend with the planet of affection, gifting it with analytical attributes and affecting everything that Venus represent in your natal chart. Venus is generally governing pleasure and what attracts us, attachment to material things and subconscious urges to claim and make something our possession. It rules what we appreciate and brings us comfort, and of course feelings that can be described under the category “love”. Virgo energy will make the native rather selective concerning his partners, and his high standards cannot be easily satisfied. Such individuals tend to seek some type of perfection that usually does not exist, or does not last for long, thus having unrealistic expectations concerning affection towards others.

Who has Venus in Virgo tends to be demanding in relationships. Wanting to have everything neat and organized has value, so he cares about people’s manners, personal appearance, and hygiene and doesn’t like rude behavior. He generally likes material comfort, preferably beautiful and quality things.

People with this position tend to be understanding and helpful to those in need. Due to this, they can even become good doctors or nurses. Another tendency is to treat the psychological problems of others well, since they are able to combine reason with emotion in their advice, facing problems in a methodical and analytical way.

Those who have Venus in Virgo can be very critical of who they interact with. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to force everyone around you to achieve perfection. Some have a great need to find the “perfect partner”. Because of this, they may put off more serious commitments, such as living together or getting married, and even after getting together, they may constantly want to improve things. The problem is that no one is perfect and it might be good to realize that as soon as possible!

In general, the natives of the sign with this position are very practical and self-sufficient. However, they are very happy when they have someone to love, as they enjoy integration with other people.

People with this Venus position generally like to analyze the feelings of others. This can make people feel embarrassed, inhibited, or blocked. In this way, it is more difficult for them to show spontaneous affection, that is, frequently analyzing and judging people’s emotions and feelings can also be extremely negative in personal relationships, as well as wanting people to be perfect.

Both are characteristics that miss the opportunity to seize the moment, what life and people naturally have to offer. A good advice is: analyze less, live more!

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