Natal Jupiter in Scorpio

With your natal Jupiter in Scorpio, this Water sign will empower your occult abilities, as Jupiter behaves like a magnifying glass and Scorpio is one of the signs mostly connected to the other realms. Jupiter placed here will awake all types of deep and intense feelings, while also the native’s sexuality. In addition, this placement gives strong power considering handling other people’s money, and generally aids in everything connected with finances. Jupiter in Scorpio will create a rather secretive person, who may keep a lot of information about him classified, and even ready to bite when curious noses appear in areas which are not their business. Such people believe in power, and Jupiter is a strong tool to obtain it, in both moral or shadier ways.

Roughly, some of the periods when Jupiter was transiting Scorpio are the following:

  • Jan 1958 – Feb 1959
  • Dec 1969 – Jan 1971
  • Nov 1981 – Dec 1982
  • Nov 1993 – Dec 1994
  • Oct 2005 – Nov 2006
  • Oct 2017 – Nov 2018
  • The next passage through Scorpio will be from September 2029 till October 2030

Jupiter is generally governing expansion, development and growing – both on a physical and a spiritual level. He is responsible for the growing of our body, which is mostly triggered during his first return to his natal placement (around our 12th or 13th year of life). As the natural ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house, Jupiter is also connected with expansion of the spirit. This could signify anything from learning foreign languages, understanding other cultures, or even entering the realms of religion, philosophy and even ethics and law.

Jupiter is generous and benevolent, granting us that unexpected extra luck, affecting those otherwise uncontrolled parameters to be in our favor. He is fond of laughter and joy, and prefers a not so serious approach to life and its problems. A real boheme and hedonist, Jupiter is reminding us that happiness is maybe life’s ultimate goal, and helping us achieve it. In many occasions, Jupiterian interventions can be perceived by the individual as “God’s help”, he can both save us in difficulties but also unexpectedly help us succeed and progress.

Since the ancient times, the biggest planet of our solar system has taken the name of the highest god of the Greek Pantheon, Zeus, and his Roman equivalent Jupiter. The king of the Gods has the final word on the lives of humans, being just and fair – and usually preferring to be on their side and aid them – even when those mortals have disputes with other gods! His opposite counterpart is, as we mentioned, Saturn, creating the Jupiter/Saturn axis as another archetypical Yin/Yang. The one expands, the other constricts – and the balance between those opposite forces is giving a healthy stability.

In the sign of Scorpio, Jupiter is in peregrine condition. Peregrine is a rather neutral condition, where a celestial body doesn’t function very potently (as it does when in domicile or in exaltation), nor is very weak (as it does when in detriment or fall). Still, in such an intense sign as Scorpio, Jupiter definitely unveils some very powerful characteristics and, especially when well aspected, will allow the most noble traits of the sign to flourish and prosper. The planet adds some touches of optimism to the otherwise suspicious and pessimistic nature of Scorpio, and sheds a lot of light to the shadows that the sign tends to cast. Placed here, Jupiter expands furthermore the dynamism of the sign, and can be used as a good tool for success – especially financial one.
Additional information about Jupiter’s potency in each sign can be read in the article Jupiter’s Essential Dignities.

A Scorpio Jupiter person usually is a highly sexual being. Scorpio is considered to be the most sexual sign, and natural ruler of the 8th house – which is responsible for sex as merging of souls rather than a recreative experience. The planet is amplifying the chart bearer’s sexual energy; he literally can radiate that sensual, hypnotic perfume of eroticism. His body is very active in the erotic fields; an individual with Jupiter in Scorpio wants more, and more, and more. During the act itself, such a native will connect deeply on a spiritual level with his partner; sex is not regarded as an interesting casual type of sport but as a life-changing experience that can raise the mortal to a divine level. Such placement will bring a lot of sex and eroticism to the individual’s life, provided of course that other planetary placements do not obstruct it to happen.

People who have their Jupiter in Scorpio can be very interested in magic, mysticism and any other type of spiritual techniques that can make them take a glance behind the curtains of reality. They are very curious about understanding how the world functions, especially when causes and effects are not connected by some concrete deterministic procedure. Most likely, they have experienced some sort of “paranormal” or strange things from their young age, which trigger this quest that can last a lifetime. In addition, Jupiter usually offers positive experiences connected with the occult, while also protection in difficult or dangerous situations that can appear.

Thus, their approach to this subject will be through a joyful and enthusiastic point of view. A small problem that can occur is becoming careless while handling situations of such a nature, or being over-confident in the powers that they have. Especially if Jupiter is adversely aspected, the native should guard against his own self to not make any steps to this direction that he would later regret.

A Jupiter in Scorpio person can be very secretive, and this will be even more prominent if supported by other planets dwelling in the sign! We all know that the sign of Scorpio prefers to keep their personal information away from other people’s eyes, and can even develop paranoid behaviors considering his privacy (or what he perceives as privacy). With Jupiter, these traits are only magnified – yet also may become a personal game and bet for the native.

Such individuals may maximize the amount of personal data that become not available for others, and they will even receive joy from the procedure of hiding their traces or their face. Again, Jupiter may make them over-confident about their abilities of hiding things; and the more they hide the more possibilities they have to fall in some kind of trap and have vital secrets revealed. An ill-aspected Jupiter is a definite indicator of such a revelation; and problems or scandals can arise. We should not forget that Scorpio is a sexual sign, so quite a lot of information that such a native would keep away from common view may be connected with his affairs or other details of his sexual life.

Scorpio (and his beloved realm of the 8th house) is considered to be a sign deeply connected to money, and usually represents money that are not direct assets of the native yet being handled by him. Under this category may be included governmental money, the money of their partner, inheritances and a lot more. Jupiter placed in this sign indicates good luck considering situations that include finances of others. He can bring a job in a governmental financial agency; some examples can be tax inspection, banks, ministry of finances and a lot more.

Alternatively, he may be using the financial assets of his partner – and this could even mean a business partner and not necessarily their relationship. In addition, this placement could signify receiving money from death (physical or symbolical one) of others. This does not mean necessarily an inheritance; such money could be granted by some sort of “legal ending” or transformation that philosophically is equivalent to death. Finally, Jupiter in Scorpio could bring wealth through clandestine and even illegal ways. No need to say that if the planet has bad aspects, especially with malefics, such a story will not have a good ending. In addition, if the malefic planets aspecting Jupiter are in the 12th house, or the 12th house is generally in a bad condition, danger of imprisonment and other troubles is present.

A Scorpio Jupiter person has good abilities of research, and can use them in many professional fields. In addition, the benefic planet also brings luck! They will accidentally find the solution of a riddle quicker than others, and many times not because of their (otherwise definitely enhanced) skills, but because of sheer luck! They answer may magically lay in front of them, their lucky guess may appear to be correct, or series of random events will unveil what they search without a lot of effort. Naturally, this placement is also great for scientific careers, and can bring accidental discoveries that can even be of a very pioneering nature.

Both Jupiter and the sign of Scorpio, are considered very fertile. Thus, if those fall in the 5th house (which represents children), or are elsehow connected with the house and its ruling planet, the native can indeed be very fertile. This blessing should of course be taken in consideration when the native does not want children (yet). Because of his high sexual drive and generally vivid intimate life, precautions should be taken to not have unexpected pregnancies. Alternatively, if Jupiter and Scorpio play no role connected with offspring in the native’s chart, the life area which they rule will be fertile and productive, giving results that will be even considered spiritual or professional offsprings. In any case, this placement will make the pattern of “sowing/growing” appear in their reality and even play a vital role.

Naturally, this placement can also activate the less charming traits of Scorpio. When Jupiter is well aspected, they can only lead to positive manifestations in the native’s life. On the contrary, if the planet is ill-aspected, they can develop toxic realities both for themselves and others, and even hurt people. The gamma of such traits include jealousy, obsession, paranoia, revenge and all type of manipulative behaviors, while also the need to be in control. In case you have this placement, be sure to check how it functions both in your life and in your relations to other people. If you notice such negative patterns appear, try to tame the planet’s expansive traits – you could even use Saturn and his functions as a counterpart in many occasions!

When a Scorpio Jupiter is well aspected in a natal chart, the native will be very lucky in the life area that the sign of Scorpio rules, and will see those house matters prosper. On the contrary, bad aspects to Jupiter can bring problems mostly connected with overexpansion of their sexual behavior, mishandling assets of others, toxic emotions or other Scorpionic issues. In case of such types of trouble, make sure to monitor the -otherwise positive- functions of the planet, through a somehow critical point of view; exaggerating with the gifts of Jupiter and being sure that they will always continue to exist is a mistake often done by people who are benefited by the planet.

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