Natal Sun in Cancer

When a person has his natal Sun in Cancer, it means that he belongs to the zodiac sign of Cancer. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and the Moon as its ruling celestial body. The period of Cancer starts on the 22nd of June and lasts until the 22nd of July. Slight differences in the exact hours can occur because we should not forget that every fourth year has one day more than the others. The Sun is the brightest object in the sky, the life-giving star of our Solar System, and also the most important celestial body in astrology. Also called Sol, the Sun is impersonated by the ancient Greek goddess Helios.

Solar Cancers have a strange tendency to always watch life from the side, and not go ahead. They, as a rule, do not decide on anything immediately, but always approach this gradually. Emotionally, they are also fickle. These mood swings are sometimes very difficult for others to understand and deal with. Cancers are tenacious, empathetic, hardworking, sociable, economic and are real protectors. They can also be argumentative, sensitive, emotional, have good intuition, mental and patriotic. Those born under the sign of Cancer react to people’s lives through their emotions, and not through their consciousness.

They tend to absorb all the emotional fluctuations that surround them, so it is very important for them to have positive conditions. Since they live by their feelings, they unconsciously seek the sympathy, attention and affection of other people. They strive to feel safe. It is home and family that bring them that feeling. Therefore, they like to be first with those they love, or they will be left disappointed. Cancers must learn to let go of their loved ones so they can live their own lives. Solar Cancers are changeable – they quickly change their mood, thoughts, whatever. Because they tend to be slow, they are less active than other people. In order for them to become active, they first need to find motivation. They don’t like exercise. As a result, at a later age they can gain weight. Cancers often have a very good memory. This helps them remember how they did things in the past.

They keep everything inside themselves, keeping everything that has any sentimental value. This gives them a sense of security. Cancers love their home, family and domestic tranquility, enjoy travel and adventure, are reserved and hardworking for the benefit of their family. No matter how far they are, they are always drawn home. They cannot stay in it for long, but they feel safe there. Cancers are conservative, but, unfortunately, they are born warriors. Their desire to keep all the problems in themselves, become the cause of various diseases. Looking at Cancer, you understand that he bypasses everything, watching everything from the side and using experience from the past. For any Cancer, working on your emotions is very important.

The first thing we recognize in Cancer, as in all water signs, is their look. Dreamy, but also sleepy, she has an outdated look that both the dark circles under her eyes and the languid, Arabian shape of her eyes deepen. A trait that we can verify in several prominent personalities and celebrities of this sign, such as Proust, René Lacoste, Ringo Starr, Silvester Stallone, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Liv Tyler, Anthony Bourdain, among others.
We know that Cancer has a strong relationship with the mother and that, for better or worse, she is a fundamental axis in his life. In fact, we see that many of its natives carry on certain habits from childhood into their maturity, and remember the past in great detail and nostalgia. In short, almost everything in them bears the imprint of the night: sleepless, romantic, cyclothymic, imaginative, sensitive, delicate, dreamy.
Cancer is a water sign, and as such it prioritizes the emotional side of life. The water element arises from the combination of cold and humid, which explains its cohesion and plasticity. Hence, the signs of water always need a mold (for this reason they are compatible with the signs of earth) in which they stabilize and find the form that their element does not have. However, since Cancer is cardinal, there is a contribution of a dry element, that is, of direction, of passive force, but force in the end. That is why its way of asserting itself in the world is so ambiguous: it is said that the crab walks backwards and people of this sign do the same. They proceed cautiously, indirectly, never in a frontal way but without losing cardinal tenacity. They have that silent insistence that recalls the dissolving property of water: they take time, Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, which varies by sign every two days. This variability together with the lunar phases clearly configure a very unstable character.
The lunar influence is always present in everything that these people undertake. Let’s not forget its importance in the movement of the tides, the cycles of the harvests and the climate. Also that crabs use it to orient themselves. But in humans it influences above all their state of mind, which fluctuates endlessly, alternating emotions that they cannot control. The lunatic adjective  owes its origins to the importance given in antiquity to the influence of the Moon in madness. The classic texts of astrology indicate to consult the aspects of the Moon in the natal chart to inquire about mental health and intellect. The Moon is maternal, nurturing, seeks security and that is why Cancer people have such a strong attachment to their family, be it the one they inherited or the one they formed. For this reason it is difficult for them to be objective, since they always protect their loved ones unconditionally. It is to such an extent that many find it difficult to become independent and form bonds outside the family environment.
Regarding the labor and professional field, among Cancer trades we also recognize the influence of the Moon. Given their affinity with the town and their popular roots, they stand out in jobs serving the public (state jobs, shops, companies, schools). Also in real estate matters, home and its activities or businesses: sale of furniture and appliances, cooks, maids, babysitters, etc. Fame has its preference for Cancer, so much so that many celebrities are born, or have planets, under this sign. This is the case of the many successful athletes with Mars in Cancer, precisely the planet of action and competition. Maradona, Messi, Federer, Zidane.
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