Lilith in the 6th House

Before exploring the attributes of Lilith in the 6th house, we should mention that the article is about Black Moon Lilith. Having Lilith in the 6th house can complicate an individual’s daily routines and biorhythms, while also quite a lot of job issues and relations with coworkers. It may be connected with disharmonic memories the person has from how experienced his duties and obligations during childhood, both towards himself and to others. The young native developed feelings of hate towards situations when he was pressured to keep certain daily patterns and definitely did not like serving orders or feeling under someone else’s rule.

As the 6th house is the realm of Virgo, Black Moon Lilith in the 6th house pays a lot of attention to the details, ready to bite even when does not like something small. Placed here she dislikes hierarchy and submission to others, and if pressured will sabotage even her own efforts. For a native with such a placement, respect of his work is something necessary. In case he observes a dominative attitude from his employer, he will not let that pass unpunished. A 6th house Lilith suggest discord even with the coworkers, while if the individual is the owner of the business then his employees will be rather untamable.

Lilith has a lot of seductive traits and characteristics, thus giving strong sexuality to the individual’s job life. Yet, Lilith does not develop healthy love affairs, and in case she is activated in one’s job surroundings she will most naturally bring difficulties. If you have this placement, be careful; having sex with a co-worker or your employer might include a lot of passion, but take care to consider what awkward situations it can bring afterward. Lilith placed here will bring abrupt endings, while also develop feelings of hate, jealousy, and revenge. In addition, her mischievous approach may prompt the native to use sexuality in order to obtain control over other people who work in the same surroundings.

Lilith in the 6th house may indicate conscious laziness and procrastination, and a person who has it may develop quite a lot of strategies so as to work as less as he can. Such attitudes are affecting also other daily routines, even some connected with health. The native may simply do not care about going to a doctor or taking care of his daily hygiene. Lilith can even make him quite cynical about such matters, and he may not have a problem to renounce such patterns publicly. This placement can make someone hate doctors, be anti-vaccine ideologically and generally frown upon the healthcare system.

ced by some reactions and details of that animal, implementing them in his real life. With this placement, be careful not to enter into a nIn addition, as the 6th house is ruling small animals, the native may have a pet with a rather bad character. As we always copy behaviors from our pets (and they from us), the individual may be highly influenever-ending circle where both you and your pet mutually teach bad behaviors. As you are the conscious part of this relation, behave well towards it, because its difficult traits may be reflections of your own attitude towards it.

The best way of softening the difficult traits of Lilith is consciously changing your approach towards daily patterns. Establish a more structured everyday reality, as any discord Lilith brings is connected with the chaotic series of daily events. Take care of your body and choose healthy sleeping rhythms. Eventually, you will notice that your mind will become clearer, and a lot of negative emotions will gradually dissolve. Lower your pride and become less touchy; not everyone is an enemy at your workplace. Search for the people that mostly inspire you (or at least do not get on your nerves) and start cooperating with them. You will observe yourself, that when you start radiating positive emotions, the other people will treat you better too.

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