Natal Jupiter in Capricorn

With your natal Jupiter in Capricorn, this stable and robust Earth sign will somehow delay the full unveiling of the planet’s gracious powers, emphasizing in gradual growth and allowing even better harvest of luck during the native’s older years. Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn, as the sign is the home of Saturn – the planet with the exact opposite characteristics. Thus, Jupiter’s beneficial and expansive powers are rather obstructed – of course without meaning that the planet does not act in a benefic way. This placement urges the native to seek his luck through long-term plans and projects, investing his personal efforts and hard work in order to achieve success. When Jupiter finally gets activated, the positive results tend to be long-lasting, as Capricorn is a sign that offers stability and no quick change. For the same reason, if Jupiter in Capricorn is adversely aspected, it might need even more time to learn how to operate with the restrictive influence of the sign.

Jupiter is considered to be a social planet, along with Saturn – its directly opposite force. While the personal planets (SunMoonMercuryVenus and Mars) directly affect the characters of each individual, social planets are giving trends that encircle the whole society. The reason is simple; the personal planets are performing a rather quick passage through the signs, which usually lasts a couple of months maximum. Yet, the social planets will need a year or more to pass through a sign; this way they grant similar characteristics to all the people being born during that period. More particularly, Jupiter needs a whole year to travel through a sign of the zodiac, while its counterpart Saturn needs around two years and a half. This blend defines a yearly generation; which is rather visible during the first years of a native’s life (especially until the first Jupiter return in his 12th year). During the childhood years, the placement of Jupiter indeed plays a role of connecting children of the same age, as a pulling force yearning to conjunct the Jupiter of other children. And – you guessed it quite well – when Jupiters conjunct in a synastry they create a lot of fun and joy. This is the reason that children subconsciously search mostly game partners of the same age, as they have the same wavelength considering playing and humor. After the first Jupiter return, Saturn becomes more activated and brings the teens – especially when he is opposing natal Saturn around the age of 14. The joy of childhood is evaporating, father time is making the child grow, bringing the first adult problems, pressure and turbulence. Of course all these steps are a natural process of evolution, preparing the native for his long path through life.

The placement of Jupiter in the signs is important, yet a lot less than his placement in the houses and his aspects to other planets (especially personal ones). Each sign will give him some special flavor, a background on which he will operate and support the native’s life. Of course, he will indeed give some special characteristics connected to the sign he is placed in, and some extra boost to activities and archetypes that the sign represents. Yet, it is wrong to perceive a Jupiter placement in signs as of high importance for the native’s individual traits; you should regard it mostly as a social phenomenon that develops certain social trends. Again, we should note that Jupiter’s importance is not diminished – you should mostly search for it in his house placement of your natal chart.

Roughly, some of the periods when Jupiter was transiting Capricorn are the following:

  • Oct 1960 – Μarch 1961
  • Feb 1972 – Feb 1973
  • Jan 1984 – Feb 1985
  • Jan 1996 – Jan 1997
  • Dec 2007 – Jan 2009
  • Dec 2019 – Dec 2020
  • The next passage through Capricorn will be from November 2031 till December 2032

Jupiter is generally governing expansion, development and growing – both on a physical and a spiritual level. He is responsible for the growing of our body, which is mostly triggered during his first return to his natal placement (around our 12th or 13th year of life). As the natural ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house, Jupiter is also connected with expansion of the spirit. This could signify anything from learning foreign languages, understanding other cultures, or even entering the realms of religion, philosophy and even ethics and law. Jupiter is generous and benevolent, granting us that unexpected extra luck, affecting those otherwise uncontrolled parameters to be in our favor. He is fond of laughter and joy, and prefers a not so serious approach to life and its problems. A real boheme and hedonist, Jupiter is reminding us that happiness is maybe life’s ultimate goal, and helping us achieve it. In many occasions, Jupiterian interventions can be perceived by the individual as “God’s help”, he can both save us in difficulties but also unexpectedly help us succeed and progress.

Since the ancient times, the biggest planet of our solar system has taken the name of the highest god of the Greek Pantheon, Zeus, and his Roman equivalent Jupiter. The king of the Gods has the final word on the lives of humans, being just and fair – and usually preferring to be on their side and aid them – even when those mortals have disputes with other gods! His opposite counterpart is, as we mentioned, Saturn, creating the Jupiter/Saturn axis as another archetypical Yin/Yang. The one expands, the other constricts – and the balance between those opposite forces is giving a healthy stability.

In the sign of Capricorn, Jupiter is in fall, which does not allow him total freedom to unveil its wide spectrum of gifts. Capricorn is located directly at the opposite of the sign Cancer, where Jupiter is considered being in exaltation. In Capricorn, he is forced to concentrate on steady growth and gradual expansion. The native’s young years especially may be debilitated, with a strict and conservative parent or an older person obstructing its normal function. On the other hand, and especially if the planet is well aspected, its gifts will bloom during the second part of the native’s life. Jupiter placed in Capricorn still brings luck to the individual, yet the trigger point to achieve it is long term goals and working on them. Capricorn likes dedication and seriousness, and will aid whoever respects the patterns he dictates. Additional information about Jupiter’s potency in each sign can be read in the article Jupiter’s Essential Dignities.

Jupiter in Capricorn usually makes the individual successful in organizing groups of people, becoming part of some structured hierarchy and rise in it. Such individuals are usually liked by colleagues, and a pleasant atmosphere is hovering above them in their work surroundings. Even if in the end they do not rise in power in career-orientated groups, they will still perceive work as something that brings pleasure and not just a necessity to cover their bills.

Success in career, power through fame and recognition usually become important goals for a Capricorn Jupiter person. These people enjoy being acknowledged as successful from other successful individuals, and gaining respect in their eyes. Naturally, individuals with a Jupiter in Capricorn can excel in careers connected with a public image, while also in governmental positions and generally dealing with authority. As Capricorn is one of the slowest moving sings, if a person manages to capture such a position in the system, the duration of this “reign” will probably be rather long. Yet, especially if Jupiter has difficult aspects by malefic planets, it may take long years to reach such a position, or that might even signify a long pursuit without results that in the end satisfy him, even if he manages to reach his goal.

This placement usually gives a love for people of old age, and good grandparents that are becoming a positive role model for the young individual. Alternatively, Capricorn can be impersonating the dominant parent, especially if he is of rather old age, serious and conservative in his views. As a child, the chart bearer is feeling accepted and respected by the Capricorn figure of his life. The young individual feels proud of his role model, and tries to copy some of those serious or even pompous behaviors. He begins to fantasize himself in the position of the Capricorn figure, and especially in the occupation which this old person has. It is not uncommon for the native, to follow later in his life a similar career.

The older person may be showing favor to the young native, even between his other siblings, making him feel rather special. The young native enjoys serious conversations with the older person, and even likes going with him to his work, where he may also be treated in a very positive way by the co-workers of the role model. All this pattern will be often reproduced in the individual’s life, by being liked when it comes to elders, and luck is definitely on his side when Capricornian/Saturnian people decide things connected to him, especially in his career area. Thus, he can receive a promotion easier, or even become the right hand of some high official, who will vouch him for climbing the pyramid.

Generally, this placement favors all kind of rise in power, but such a person should not forget to also be generous to the others under him. Capricorn always gives the tendency to be more cold-hearted, especially when rising high, and success may also bring loneliness if the native alienates himself from those who are near him during the process. Workaholism may easily make him be day by day further from his friends, and months and years may be passing so quick that even he himself does not understand the quickness of the pace. And suddenly, both he and his friends have changed a lot, and have become strangers. Be careful if you have this placement, and especially if you feel that you are starting to rise up the social pyramid!
Capricorn Jupiter individuals may easily choose their career over family, and should be careful of this tendency in case they create their own.

Indeed, especially if their job is going pretty well, they may even start feeling their home, partner and children as a daily burden that is even obstructing them from their work. In such cases, good remedies are naturally connected with the Moon, Cancer and the 4th house. All three and their condition should be examined to understand what adjustments should be made so that both life areas function without interfering negatively between them.

This placement can create a traditionalist, or at least a person who enjoys a lot in whatever is old, no matter if it is an object, a cultural tradition, old art, old writings or anything else connected with the past. He can receive strong pleasure and joy from obtaining such objects, or experiencing events that are inspired by the past. Yet, if Jupiter is ill-aspected, the love for tradition can turn into conservativism, and in extreme situations the native can even become some type of preacher that urges the people to return to some old patterns of behavior and condemn what is new.

A Capricorn Jupiter person may develop a tendency to worry a lot without reason. The planet of joy feels rather oppressed in the strict and gloomy surroundings of the Saturnian sign, and dark thoughts of failures or of negative outcomes can often cast shades on the otherwise bright mood of Jupiter. With bad aspects from malefics, those fears and worries will be even stronger, even if there is often no real reason for developing them. This is one of the placements that can create a pessimist, yet the usual outcome is becoming a realist. In any case, such people should always remember that their Jupiter is a little bit handicapped as he dwells in the sign of his fall, and concentrate on some other placements to eradicate unnecessary worries.

When a Jupiter in Capricorn is well aspected in a natal chart, the native will be very lucky in the life area that the sign of Capricorn rules, seeing those house matters prosper. On the contrary, bad aspects to Jupiter can bring complications mostly connected with over-confidence, exaggeration and the lack of seriousness.

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