Natal Mars in Cancer

With your natal Mars in Cancer, this summer Water sign may impose some difficulties to the planet of action, as it does not operate well in such liquid and feminine surroundings. The planet of fire is frequently reacting negatively with Cancer’s water traits, producing steam that can lead to complications if not channeled through healthy ways. Nervousness and irritability can easily arise, and such a native should definitely find ways of externalizing his Martian energy. Mars is known to have very dynamic attributes, while Cancer is known as a rather introvert and sentimental sign; these opposite traits will definitely create conflict between the need to act and the insecurity of feeling powerless to perform the wanted action.

Mars is generally governing activity and our drive, what we fight for and what we conquer too. The red planet rules our actions and where we place our energy to receive results, yet also can show life areas where fighting for our goals receives resistance from other people (or life itself). Naturally, this planet is also connected to any types of violence and anger, as it is rather abrupt, impatient and explosive.

Since the ancient times, the fiery planet has taken the name of the Greek god of war, Ares, and his Roman equivalent Mars. His energy is extremely masculine, symbolizing (together of course with the Sun, one side of the Sun-Moon dual axis) the archetype of the male. His opposite counterpart is of course Venus, creating with him the Mars/Venus axis as another archetypical Yin/Yang. An interesting fact is that even the ancient ones were being careful while handling the powers that god Ares (Mars) represented.

There were very few temples of Ares, compared to all the other gods of the Greek Pantheon, and they were not invoking him. Of course, he was naturally receiving his share of respect, yet without specialized priests and cults of worshippers – as war and violence was always undesired. By analyzing this through a psychological filter, the sole fact of not making a lot of festivities in his name made him difficult to reach in the subconscious and unconscious of the masses and individuals. This way, he was in a rather idle mode, being invoked only when war had already erupted in order to raise the spirits and create a holy frenzy to the warriors.

In the sign of Cancer, Mars is in fall and thus in its lowest potency. Cancer is located directly opposite of the sign of Capricorn, where Mars is considered in exaltation. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and has the Moon as its ruling celestial body. Cancer is also the natural ruler of the fourth house, which rules our roots, family, comfort zone and home. We should also note that Mars needs around two months to move to a next sign, while travelling through the skies. Once every two years Mars has a period of retrograde motion, where it appears to move backwards on the celestial canvas for apparently two months. Additional information about Mars’ potency in each sign can be read in the article about Mars’ Essential Dignities.

Mars in Cancer is a rather impractical placement to have in a natal chart. The planet of action needs flammable surroundings to empower him, or at least some that will not obstruct his natural attributes. Cancer is too passive, receptive and liquid; leading to dissolution of the initial Martian drive. Mars feels weak and disorientated, unable to express himself as expected. Cancer redirects the red planet’s energy to be expressed through emotional ways – a rather natural outcome as the sign rules our feelings. Mars simply does not feel at home, and while residing uncomfortably in this watery terrain prefers to take a defensive – and always alert – stance.

As a natural outcome, Mars in Cancer is in constant stress of possible attacks and ready to retaliate without any rational thought; this mostly happens because Mars can “feel” that he is weakened in this sign and therefore more susceptible to defeat. Natal Mars in Cancer is like an animal at the corner. Feeling uncomfortable, being paranoid if someone walks against it and possibly dangerous and unpredictable. Passive-aggressive behavior can also frequently appear, exactly because the most aggressive planet is forced to operate through a very passive stereotype. Similar issues can arise when Mars is located in Pisces, or in the 12th house where it is also suppressed.

This natal Mars in Cancer can make an individual hold his anger inside, which is definitely not the best thing to do for long. As this energy searches desperately ways to come out, it might affect the chart bearer’s body through stomach problems, digestion in general, while also create cysts where liquid is amassed and can be of an inflammatory nature. Individuals with Mars in Cancer should be very careful about externalizing their anger towards their home and family.

Cancer is ruling this life area, and many times when someone cannot relinquish such feelings towards the outer world, he will bring them to his Cancerian safe place. In case that Mars is adversely afflicted, especially by malefic planets such as Saturn and Pluto, one should always guard against domestic violence. In case you have this placement and have experienced such a pattern from your own parents, be sure to break this stereotype and not reproduce it – as it may follow your descendants and become a trademark behavioral pattern of your lineage.

Cancer Mars people can be very moody and hold grudges; and water signs have the tendency to remember for long. Cancer is not very helpful with controlling any possible outbursts, as its ruler Moon is the quickest moving celestial body and brings rather rapid changes of attitude. Especially men bearing this placement, may have woman-like behaviors when angry or provoked. Hysterical reactions can arise, and they may generally copy their mother in such outbursts.

Many times this natal placement indicates a problematic mother archetype, who instead of helping the young native develop his emotional world was instead quarrelling with him and making him submit to her verbal (at best) attacks. In extreme situations this placement may indicate the development of misogyny due to hate towards the mother, and only a well aspected Mars can actually save the situation.

When the native’s Mars in Cancer is in a good condition considering aspects from other planets, it be a great ally concerning careers that involve physical action near or inside water. Mars in Cancer can give a good swimmer, sailor or even fisherman. In addition, as Cancer is connected with hospitality and food preparation, such people can excel as chefs and cooks, while also in providing services to travelers. In addition, Cancer Mars individuals can be very fast in cleaning places, having huge amounts of energy to spend and being rather tireless.

They like their “cave” being tidy, and can have nervous reactions when everything is a mess. For such chart owners cleaning and organizing their home may even become a way of meditation. During this cleaning process, they may symbolically also put everything in place in their own mind. In case you have this placement and cleaning is indeed something you enjoy, try to use it some sort of remedy – you may find out that stress and negative emotions will fade away.

When a person has his natal Mars in Cancer, he can become overly protective about anything he feels emotionally connected to. Some type of maternal instinct arises during a possible threat, and they can become stronger fighters than other Mars signs in such situations. Yet, they must guard against mistaking random events and people for threats, in order to not hurt someone or create other unnecessary situations and misunderstandings.

Cancer Martians do not really like change, and prefer some stable type of security that can become a daily pattern. Quick flow of events is rather undesired, as such things usually need immediate actions or adaptations to new realities. A Cancer Mars always prefers to let the storm pass and then exit from his shell and adapt to a new situation. Actually, he prefers no storm and no need to adapt to new things, but if life brings some, becoming a closed clam is probably the best choice.

Being open to actions during the storm of changes can usually lead to even more unnecessary stress, and possibilities of actions and reactions without any thought and planning. Indirect actions and decisions are usually the best approach towards life problems and changes, the same way that a crab walks. If you force a crab crawl forward, you both irritate the crab and he will probably crawl towards a wrong direction – simply because it is not the way he moves! Exactly the same patterns such a chart owner will use considering his sexual drive – especially for males as their sexuality is ruled by Mars.

Approach towards the desired person will be indirect, careful and many times full of self-doubt. Fear of rejection will lead them to first test the waters, make sure that the chances of success are high and only then try to conquer the desired person. Needless to say that such people have their sexual drive strongly connected with emotions and comfort, and creating a good atmosphere that feels like home and oozes security is necessary for them to open up their sexual channels.

Individuals with this natal position of Mars can have strong psychic powers, but should be careful to not channel their aggression through their psychic antennas. As Mars is a double-edged knife, any experimentation with dark powers and negative emotions could retaliate and they can easily be receptors of the same psychic aggression they radiate. Naturally, those who must mostly be careful for such outcomes are those whose Mars forms difficult aspects with Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Lilith. In addition, the condition of their Moon will also be very important, and total abstinence from any conscious magical practice is suggested if two or more of the aforementioned planets and spots form hard aspects to Mars or even between them.

When a Cancer Mars is well aspected in a natal chart, the native will be very active in the life area that the sign of Cancer rules, winning his battles concerning those house matters. He will tirelessly dedicate his energy, confronting any possible difficulties and problems successfully and enjoying the conquest of the desired goals. The victories in those areas will gift him the drunk-like feeling of the warrior who raises his sword and yells when the battle is finished and the opponent defeated. On the contrary, bad aspects to Mars can bring quite a lot of problems mostly connected with anger and putting too much efforts in vain. Also, when the darker traits of Mars are awakened by difficult natal aspects, the Cancer Mars person may experience war-like situations from rivals, too much turmoil and even defeats.

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