Natal Mars in Gemini

With your natal Mars in Gemini, the dual Air sign will give a lot of Mercurial characteristics, such as high speed, to reactions through verbal means and even a slightly aggressive way of using words. This placement brings accelerated patterns concerning taking decisions, and all intellectual activities are empowered. The native’s mind needs to be constantly stimulated and active, and boredom is something not tolerated. The dynamic attributes of Mars desire a lot of talking and communication, while also take pleasure in confrontations, debates and verbal victories during such situations. Obviously, such a natal combination can also create a rather high-strung and nervous individual, whose verbal presence simply cannot pass unnoticed.

Mars is generally governing activity and our drive, what we fight for and what we conquer too. The red planet rules our actions and where we place our energy to receive results, yet also can show life areas where fighting for our goals receives resistance from other people (or life itself). Naturally, this planet is also connected to any types of violence and anger, as it is rather abrupt, impatient and explosive. Since the ancient times, the fiery planet has taken the name of the Greek god of war, Ares, and his Roman equivalent Mars.

His energy is extremely masculine, symbolizing (together of course with the Sun, one side of the Sun-Moon dual axis) the archetype of the male. His opposite counterpart is of course Venus, creating with him the Mars/Venus axis as another archetypical Yin/Yang. An interesting fact is that even the ancient ones were being careful while handling the powers that god Ares (Mars) represented. There were very few temples of Ares, compared to all the other gods of the Greek Pantheon, and they were not invoking him.

Of course, he was naturally receiving his share of respect, yet without specialized priests and cults of worshippers – as war and violence was always undesired. By analyzing this through a psychological filter, the sole fact of not making a lot of festivities in his name made him difficult to reach in the subconscious and unconscious of the masses and individuals. This way, he was in a rather idle mode, being invoked only when war had already erupted in order to raise the spirits and create a holy frenzy to the warriors.

In the sign of Gemini, Mars is considered in peregrine condition. Peregrine is a rather neutral condition, where a celestial body does not function very potently (as it does when in domicile or in exaltation), nor is very weak (as it does when in detriment or fall). We should also note that Mars needs around two months to move to a next sign, while travelling through the skies. Once every two years Mars has a period of retrograde motion, where it appears to move backwards on the celestial canvas for apparently two months. Additional information about Mars’ potency in each sign can be read in the article about Mars’ Essential Dignities.

Mars has no real problems when in Gemini, except from the fast pace it usually develops; which is not necessarily a disadvantage. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and has planet Mercury as its ruling celestial body. Gemini is also the natural ruler of the third house, which rules communications and how we interact with our immediate surroundings. In addition, it rules short travel, teaching and learning (especially on a basic level), handcraft and siblings – while also all people who surround us without being exactly a choice (such as neighbors).

When someone has his Mars in Gemini, there is some lack of stability concerning the individual’s expression; the tongue is frequently operating quicker than the mind. This can lead to misunderstandings and quarrels, yet on the other hand can also be used very well in life areas where quick responses to external stimulation are necessary. Gemini’s energy can be quite beneficial if Mars is assisted by other planetary positions, and can create a multi-tasker who can work on many intellectual projects simultaneously.

This placement creates a curious person, who will be very fond of riddles and puzzles. Such individuals perceive solutions as some type of competition against their own selves, and every time they succeed in solving one, this is perceived as a personal victory. This can even lead them to putting their nose where they should not, as their natural curiosity about people around them may make them indiscreet about other people’s privacy.

They are fond of listening to gossips, and trying to find out whether they are real or not. Thus, especially if their natal Mars is afflicted (by Mercury, PlutoUranus or Saturn) a natural outcome will be quarrels and misunderstandings because of their intervention in other people’s personal subjects. In extreme cases this placement can make them be involved in revelation of scandals, and they should be really careful as the karmic rules may give them lessons of being part of a scandal themselves. Indeed, in case someone wants his own intimate information respected by others, he must practice the same himself.

Mars in Gemini will gift the person a very active life concerning short travels, which may be either connected with his work (if of an intellectual type) or connected with learning. Such active people may make a lot of short trips for learning rather than pleasure, and will enjoy sightseeing that provides a lot of information and knowledge. For them, discovering nearby places and their history is a very interesting hobby, and can be even combined with writing a diary, a blog or short stories about their travels. This natal placement can grant an abundance of energy concerning such intellectual projects, yet such individuals do have a tendency to get bored and to switch hobbies when they find something that interests their mind more.

In any case, Mars in Gemini is definitely a good tool to fill your daily reality with very interesting escapes nearby, even if this does not lead to some certain goal but just gives to the mind the necessary stimulation of feeling awake, alive and on the move. Keeping the mind busy in such ways is very healthy, as Martian energy must always be expelled and circulating to function well. It is the opposite that can create problems, when someone restricts the energy of Mars, that can raise the levels of aggression and nervousness. Thus, always keep in mind that short educational trips which feed your curiosity can be a great remedy, saving you from any possible malfunctions of Mars in your natal chart.

Such individuals can develop a real affection for languages, understanding from their young ages that words are tools and weapons. Kids with this placement usually start talking early in their lives, and talk a lot. They will also experiment from their young years with foul language and rudeness, many times gaining pleasure through irritating older people and breaking the rules. The world of language becomes for them some ground where they can compete with others, and they will definitely try their powers both against other young individuals and older people. Their voice is usually loud, and Mars makes them flammable which can furthermore raise their tone.

As Gemini and the 3rd house rule crafts that are made by the native’s own hands, Mars will make them perform a lot of movements quickly and therefore making them good in performing jobs that need hand action. Furthermore, the energy of Mars will gift them good usage of tools and weapons, and can create skillful mechanics. Yet, Gemini Mars individuals should also guard against accidents due to hastiness, especially if their natal Mars is challenged. Sharp objects must always be used carefully, and reconsider any handling of dangerous instruments and weapons in case that Mars is adversely connected to Uranus or Pluto.

Considering the Mars in Gemini individual’s sexual drive, he is mostly aroused by words and communication. Men who have such a placement adore verbal expression, which will usually include vulgar language as a source of libido stimulation. They do not blend well with lovers who keep silent, and can be easily bored from that. Women who have this placement tend to search lovers who are intellectual and can conquer them with words. This natal position of Mars may influence erotic relationships to look like some type of a battle between the two partners, which definitely can heighten passion and lust. On the other hand, if Mars is connected with houses representing love and relationships, the native will be unstable concerning his partners and frequently changing them.

Boredom can easily arise, and new interesting acquaintances will draw the individual’s mind towards them. An interesting pattern observed with this placement is that such people will not stop a relationship while there is still a competitive atmosphere in it. As we mentioned before, as long as it remains a battle, the Mars in Gemini native will be intrigued enough to continue. If he permanently dominates this psychological (and verbal) battle, his interest will seize to exist and he will march further. If he loses and fails to dominate the other person – well this is kind of unacceptable for him, then he will continue battling even harder.

The levels of passion will definitely rise, yet so can irritation and even some darker traits that Mars bears inside him. Always be careful to not transform your love relationship into some power struggle; if you see such patterns always examine whether your Mars operates well or is entering some problematic closed circuit. After all, love is not a tournament, and both are supposed to win.

Lastly, people with their natal Mars in Gemini should be very careful with contracts and other written documents. A Mars with challenging natal aspects may signify losses through legal ways and difficulties with bureaucracy and papers. Mistakes in contracts can arise, that will bring loss of time and irritation, or direct confrontation with other people in courts.

When a Mars in Gemini is well aspected in a natal chart, the native will be very active in the life area that the sign of Gemini rules, winning his wars concerning those house matters. He will tirelessly dedicate his energy, confronting any possible difficulties and problems successfully and enjoying the conquest of the desired goals. The victories in those areas will gift him the drunk-like feeling of the warrior who raises his sword and yells when the battle is finished and the opponent defeated. On the contrary, bad aspects to Mars can bring quite a lot of problems mostly connected with anger and putting too many efforts in vain. Also, when the darker traits of Mars are awakened by difficult natal aspects, the Mars in Gemini person may experience war-like situations from rivals, too much turmoil and even defeats.

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