Natal Mars in the 5th House

Those born with natal Mars in the 5th house are blessed to live a life full of activity. As the fifth house rules everything that is recreational, fun and promotes self-expression, Mars makes the native dedicate his energy towards affairs ruled by this placement. With the 5th house traditionally ruled by Leo, Mars finds a positive fiery surrounding to express itself and feels quite at home. This placement is rather positive and, if supported by beneficial aspects, can lead to a very vivid and joyful life. The 5th house involves everything linked to playing, should it be flirting, being involved in physical recreational activities, gaming or even gambling. The red planet placed there influences all types of pleasure and indulgence, offering to the native a playful reality.

This planet in 5th house, which I remind you represents the capacity for action, but also the “desire” and the “physical” plane, is therefore highlighted in this House. There is often a lot of ardor in the passions of love, with the taste or the need to seduce and conquer, but beware, this can also lead to clashes, conflicts, and therefore a risk of breaking up with loved ones (with bad aspects). There is also a somewhat independent, even sometimes egocentric side (depending on the sign of course) in love. On the creative level, it is certain that there is dynamism and the possibility of expressing desires through an activity requiring movement, gestures, action, etc. (in relation to the sign of Mars)…. At the level of children,

With the good aspects of Pluto, the passion is more intense, as well as the combativeness, and the ability to create in Plutonian areas, with those of Neptune, it is more an intense generous side and an ability to devote oneself to people. loved ones, with those of Uranus, this reinforces the need for emotional independence and the ability to create in modern or original areas, with those of Saturn, stability is reinforced, with those of Jupiter, there will be more enthusiasm, positive action, and sports and leisure abilities, with those of Venus, feelings and desires are inseparable and balanced, with those of Mercury, it reinforces skill and practicality, with those of the Moon, above all, it strengthens creative abilities and the application of the imagination,with those of the Sun, the desires and the passion are more intense (especially in feminine theme).

With the negative aspects of Pluto, it is the difficulty in mastering the passions and the risk of questioning, with those of Neptune, there will be too much idealism and illusion in the affections and desires, with those of ‘Uranus, it will be instability and too much need for independence with a marginal side, with those of Jupiter, we will have a lack of control and an excessive side in the passions, with those of Venus, it will be the difficulty to balance the desires with the feelings from where tensions at the affective level, with those of Mercury, there will be more nervousness, impatience, with those of the Moon, there will be risk of tension with the female sex because excessive and poorly controlled desires, with those of the Sun, this reinforces the risk of power struggles at the emotional level, and conflicting or complex situations without sufficient balance (especially in the female theme).

As always, it is necessary to synthesize the aspects to Mars taking into account the sign of Mars and that of the 5th house which is the backdrop of how this area is experienc

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