Natal Mars in the 8th House

Natal Mars in the 8th house is one of the most potent placements for the fiery planet. Mars is the co-ruler (or old ruler) of Scorpio, before planet Pluto was discovered, and still holds a lot of power over the 8th house matters. Being in domicile, it will boost sexuality; nevertheless, the aggressive nature of the planet can also create problems in life areas ruled by the eighth house.

Mars usually brings a violent death, which happens rather suddenly. This placement could bring a death by a sharp object, a bullet, an accident or war. In case that the planet has good aspects from other celestial bodies, it would bring at least one near-death experience. The chart owner will get transformed; usually in a very positive way. After that experience, his gates to the other realms will permanently be more open than previously, and it may even grant psychic powers.

The individual with Mars in the 8th house will have an interest in the occult; nevertheless, the aggressive nature of the planet will probably make him be too hasty; he will try things early without being ready enough. If Mars is adversely aspected, there exists a danger of supernatural attacks or experiments that will go wrong.

The native’s sexual life will be more than active. Mars positioned in the house of sex will bring fiery traits to his intimate relations and of the strongest thirst for experiences in bed. Sex is for them a very important channel for recharging and letting go all cumulated negativity. They will prefer it violent and will have an aggressive attitude over it. The native’s desire will be very strong, and all relationships will be of a passionate nature. If Mars is adversely aspected with Pluto or with Saturn, the native can become a victim of abuse, usually of a sexual nature. If Mars is well-aspected, it indicates an active breaking of taboos both for the native and his partners.

Mars in the house of other people’s money may bring a lot of quarrels and disagreements in this area. The native may fight over an inheritance or have problems dividing a property or financial gains with other people. Issues can also arise in his marital life, as Mars in the 8th house indicates a marriage partner that will have financial losses. This can raise tensions inside the marriage partnership concerning joint finances. In addition, this natal aspect can be a bad indication for any type of loans through an institution. The most possible outcome is that the loan will not be paid back, which will furthermore complicate the native’s finances.

The native with Mars in the 8th house can be of a very jealous nature, easily becoming obsessive about things. When he needs to possess something and sets such a goal, he may dedicate himself totally to it and even use dubious means to get it. This applies not only to money and material things but also to people by whom the native wants to feel as being owned. With an adversely aspected Mars, the native can become so jealous that he may even exercise violence towards the desired person that betrayed him.

If Mars is afflicted by Mercury, these two planets combine in making the individual a successful thief. The 8th house also rules money from the banks or the government, and with such an aspect the native might indulge in putting his hand inside the jar. Be careful, because if you grab a lot, then the hand might get stuck inside. All these Martian traits described here should be tamed so that they do not backfire. This mostly applies to people who see squares, oppositions, and difficult conjunctions to their natal Mars, of course. The rest can relax, they have probably already learned how to control the eruptive character of the red planet.

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