Natal Mercury in Cancer

When a person has his natal Mercury in Cancer, the sign will grant a big part of its attributes to everything that Mercury represents in his chart. As Mercury is generally governing our intellect and communication, Cancer energy will make the native’s expression quite emotional. It will also grant him a strong intuition, yet also make him rather moody and easily hurt by words. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and has the Moon as its ruling celestial body. Cancer is also the natural ruler of the fourth house, which rules our roots, home, family and childhood. This makes Cancer Mercury people concentrate a lot on their memories, keeping them cautiously in their heart and adoring reproducing them as stories.

Mind influenced by deeply ingrained emotional patterns. All the past tends to be important. Life experiences are important to create these roots and feel more secure. Unconscious desires can cause a person to observe some facts and ignore others, which can lead to prejudice and interference with logical or objective reasoning.

Sometimes, if Mercury is under a lot of stress, the natives can use a certain falsehood without realizing it, unconsciously. This position also indicates a good memory due to the emotional intensity associated with the thoughts. There is also a tendency to absorb a lot of information without realizing it. In fact, much of the thought process happens on an unconscious level, the individual ends up learning things even if they don’t pay close attention.

People with Mercury in Cancer can be more influential, more easily able to absorb the attitudes and opinions of those around them more easily. Your thinking can be influenced both by the emotional side and by more everyday issues. With the positioning under stress, the individual may become an ardent religious or extreme nationalist, for example, being able to constantly change her opinion due to the influence of others. Since they can be quite sensitive, they tend to believe that everything that is done or said in their environment is directed specifically at them. Working on this tendency is important so that they develop their own opinions and do not feel like they are a constant target for other people.

Whoever has Mercury in Cancer in the chart can think a lot about their roots because there is a desire to have family ties inherited from Cancer. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a blood family, it’s enough to be people who have this sense of belonging to a family. They enjoy domestic and family tranquility. This position can also bring considerable business skill. Domestic problems and food and consumer products are also favored, in addition to real estate.

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