Natal Mercury in Libra

When a person has his natal Mercury in Libra, the sign will grant a big part of its attributes to everything that Mercury represents in his chart. As Mercury is generally governing our intellect and communication, Libra energy will make the native’s expression quite harmonious and diplomatic, full of charm. This placement is making the natal chart owner concentrate a lot on the beauty of words, using them in such ways as to bring balance to himself and others. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and has planet Venus as its ruling celestial body. Libra is also the natural ruler of the seventh house, which rules marriage and relationships, while also all other types of collaboration with another person – even through business partnerships.

Mercury in Libra indicates a mind primarily concerned with human relationships. The natives are generally intensely curious about the thought patterns and behavior of others, and may be drawn to areas such as human resources, psychology, sociology, and other pursuits such as astrology, public relations, and law.

Good communication and joy are essential to them in their relationships, and they prefer to work in intellectual partnership with others. They usually communicate easily due to their interest in what others think. The most superficial people with this position of Mercury may not be firm in their convictions. This is because they tend to agree with their partners in order to gain popularity and acceptance.

People with this Mercury position tend to associate with people of “superior” minds, good manners, a good reputation, and honesty. Inelegant manners and dishonest motivations are considered distasteful and are avoided whenever possible. They may be overly concerned with the appearance and behavior of others. Sometimes they find that certain clothes and ways of speaking are inappropriate for certain social settings. Although they are kind and considerate in the way they talk to people, they can be strict when they don’t follow certain principles that are right for them.

Because of this, they can make the mistake of expecting from others the same degree of mental discipline that they demand of themselves.

The rulership of Venus in Libra seeks harmony, and the exaltation of Saturn in Libra seeks justice, making Mercury in Libra honest and balanced in all mental relationships. A strong sense of justice usually makes them honest in their relationships.

They like to consider all sides of an issue before making a decision. If this wish is used incorrectly, it can lead to indecision and thus missing the opportunity to act. However, when decisions are made, they are usually fair and thoughtful.

If other factors in the chart are favourable, this Mercury position is good for the legal professions, counseling, arbitration, and other public relations work, such as sales and negotiations. But, if there are some planets in fixed signs or houses, there may be impatience, which affects the work in these areas. Decisions that were previously thought too much can be made with anxiety.

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