Natal Mercury in the 11th House

Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication, and mental abilities. Being in the 11th house of a natal chart, it strengthens whatever has to do with group interactions, mental companionship, and friendships. In this placement, the native is naturally curious about the structures and functions of groups; this usually leads them to become part of such. The person with such a placement is strongly attracted to community affairs, being frequently a member of cultural organizations. This lifelong curiosity of discovering human intelligence brings a lot of friends, who frequently come and go as Mercury is a fast moving planet. A lot of pleasure and joy comes through one’s friends, especially if Mercury in the 11th house is strengthened by Venus in conjunction.

This planet in 11th house will give importance to communication, especially in the field of friendship, association, with the outside world, and especially the search for contacts and discussions at this level. The intellectual potential is centered on openness to others, to novelties, to exchanges, with a great need to express one’s ideas to the masses, which is interesting at the associative, political, trade union level, etc…. With aspects negatives it is certain that communication will be less easy or that there will be a tendency to want to impose one’s ideas and conceptions.

With positive aspects of Pluto it will be the ability to diagnose and convince others, with those of Neptune the greater inspiration will give more open-mindedness, with those of Uranus the ability to create and innovate through ideas, with those of Saturn it will be the ability to structure things and organize them, with those of Jupiter it will amplify the ability to negotiate, sell, judge, etc…, with those of Mars the ability to put into practice new ideas, with those of Venus the ability to speak, with those of the Moon the ability to adapt in communication.

With negative aspects of Pluto it will be a tendency to criticize or argue easily, with those of Neptune a difficulty in being realistic in judgments, with those of Uranus a lot of nervousness and tension in friendly relations, with those of Saturn a lack of adaptability, with those of Jupiter a tendency to judge too quickly, with those of Mars the fact of wanting to concretize too quickly and therefore lack patience, with those of the Moon a difficulty of adaptation or a tendency to say things too frankly.

You possess an original, expansive, adaptable, and intellectual mind. You achieve your goals primarily with the help of your mind. You make friends, possibly younger ones, who are intellectually stimulating to you. You find controversial conversations inspiring. You could be a spokesperson for a group or organization you sympathize with.

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