Natal Mercury in the 4th House

The presence of Mercury in the 4th house makes the native’s mind focused on his home and his family. This placement creates a person who is very interested in researching the traditions; both of his family and of his nation, religion, and culture. His childhood years are based on communication, and usually gives working from home. The fourth house rules the less dominant parent (usually the mother), and Mercury makes her have a strong Gemini/Virgo emphasis in her natal chart. This makes her rather talkative and her behavior encourages the child to talk from a very young age. Both she and the father are well-educated and offer a very comfortable atmosphere for developing the youngster’s intellect.

This planet in House 4 indicates first of all that the native tends to express his intellectual or communication capacities at home or in the family plan (more or less easily depending on the aspect). It is also the possibility of feeling a vocation to instruct, educate, or advise, and the need to put into practice one’s ideas, especially at home. Everything that relates to the past can interest him, influence him, and sometimes push him to research in the family domain (genealogy for example). It is obvious here that there is the problem of communication with the parents according to the aspects received.

The good aspects of Pluto will favor the ability to understand and seek in relation to our roots, also giving a good psychological sense, those of Neptune will favor inspiration and the need for more spiritual communication, those of Uranus will increase the ability to communication but also independence of mind, those of Saturn will give more stability to the mind but also strong convictions, those of Jupiter will promote the ability to exchange and negotiate within the home, those of Mars will give more dynamism in communication and a certain skill, the good aspects of Venus will help to express oneself better and in a more harmonious way, those of the Moon will allow a better balance and a good understanding at the family level,the conjunction of the Sun will be able to amplify the communicative side (if the conjunction is well aspected).

The difficult aspects of Pluto will give a tendency to discussion, controversy, etc., those of Neptune will cause lack of clarity in communication and too much dependence on family influence, those of Uranus will give more nervousness and discussions, those of Saturn will slow down or block understanding at the family level in particular, those of Jupiter will bring about a form of instability in the way of expressing the intellect, those of Mars will cause a lack of patience and adaptation, those of Moon will give an imbalance and a difficulty to find the good agreement by the dialogue, the conjunction with the badly aspected sun can cause concerns in the communication and the comprehension with the close relations.

As always, it is necessary to synthesize the aspects to Mercury taking into account the sign of Mercury and that of the house 4 which is the backdrop of the way in which this domain is experienced.

You are very inquisitive and have a great interest in literature. You prefer to study at home. Continuous training gives you a feeling of inner security. Maybe you’re nervous and should learn to relax and take a break between books.

Due to your restlessness and the search for the right place, you may move more often. Wherever you go – in your house there will always be a reading corner or a special place for conversations with friends and acquaintances.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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