Natal Moon in the 12th House

An individual with natal Moon in the 12th house is always extremely sensitive to external currents, highly intuitive and with a tendency to hide their emotions. This placement can make the individual quite vulnerable, but also bring gifts of clairvoyance. The 12th house is traditionally ruled by Pisces and Neptune, a sign and planet that are rather passive and feminine, deeply connected with water. The Moon is strongly connected with the water triplicity as it rules Cancer and is not debilitated as it does in fiery placements. Nevertheless, as the 12th house is the Achilles’ heel of the natal chart, such a placement can be quite dangerous and troublesome.

This planet in the 12th house causes sensitivity to be internalized, and often causes blockages to express what is felt. Obviously everything concerning childhood, then the family plan, can be lived in a hidden way or with a certain frustration, with little expression of emotions, which can lead to a certain loneliness or even a certain fear of others, or the image that can be given to others, and in particular to women (in a masculine theme). It can, on the other hand, be positive in the event of activity in the service of others by bringing to it a certain popularity (in the case of good aspects), compassion, listening, and indicates that the person must try to follow a little more his intuition. From a health point of view (and in the case of difficult aspects in particular), it

The good aspects of Pluto will strengthen the ability to listen and advise on a psychological level,

  • those of Neptune will increase intuition and inspiration,
  • those of Uranus will improve communication, those of Saturn will allow better control of sensitivity,
  • those of Jupiter will compensate for the “pessimistic” side,
  • those of Mars will make it possible to act according to intuition,
  • those of Venus will give a better emotional balance, those of Mercury will accentuate adaptation in communication,
  • those of the Sun will improve the general balance.

The negative aspects of Pluto will accentuate the inner turmoil and impulses and the tendency to experience all emotions too intensely (often with repercussions on health),

  • those of Neptune will make sensitivity difficult to control and will create too much dependence on the atmosphere. , those of Uranus will increase the emotional side,
  • those of Saturn will bring withdrawal into oneself by dissatisfaction and the fact of suffering from it, those of Jupiter will give difficulty in balancing sensations and impressions,
  • those of Mars will give too instinctive reactions but lived internally,
  • those of Venus will create an emotional imbalance but also at the health level (hormonal plan for example),
  • those of Mercury will cause too much inner nervousness,
  • those of the Sun will show a gap between the external personality and the internal character, hence difficulties of adaptation.

People in this position often work behind the scenes at an institution such as a hospital or detention center. You may be involved in social work or otherwise care for the disadvantaged in society. Conscious or unconscious sensitivities can be detrimental if not controlled. You may feel like you are “carrying a cross” that others do not understand, and this can cause problems. Secret opponents might try to take advantage of you.

Suffering made you docile. You may have suffered a lot from your mother. Perhaps what you have learned during difficult times will help others.

In your job you prefer to have little or no contact with people. Imagine, for example, the lonely poet in his attic, the playwright who doesn’t see a public performance of his plays – the man behind the scenes. Her personality is hidden and trapped. However, you prefer such working conditions for your greatest possible safety and security.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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