Natal Pluto in the 2nd House

People who have their natal Pluto located in the 2nd house are usually obsessed with wealth. Pluto is one of the most demanding planets, and placed in this natal position makes the planet quite greedy. In addition, they tend to be rather secretive about their 2nd house issues, and even big changes in the native’s financial situation might pass unnoticed from the outer world. It is highly likely that an individual with Pluto in the 2nd house has suffered painful childhood experiences concerning money. Such situations in their early years most likely occurred if their natal Pluto is poorly aspected, especially by “malefics” such as Mars, Saturn and Uranus. In such cases, his family was struggling to obtain the necessary money for their everyday lives, and this has left a scar in the native’s psyche.

The scar creates the need for him to have a lot of money, and also to spend a lot, in order to balance the trauma that he experienced when he was a little child. His natural fear of poverty and helplessness can make him rather stingy, and often keeping for himself the existence of his assets. A second house Pluto is the type of person that will buy gold, dig a hole in his backyard to hide it and plant roses so that no one can notice a thing. Apparently, there is a possibility that this gold will indeed be devoured by Pluto, ruler of the underworld. The native might not tell anyone else about the gold, keep it there, not use it during his life, and die, leaving the gold still buried.

Pluto might choose to gift it to someone else, after some years, and that person will for sure have the dark planet strongly emphasized in his chart. His obsessive tendencies are not evolving around his recourses only. Everything that the individual with Pluto in the 2nd house considers belongings to him, from material objects to people, makes him want to hold a tight grip on them. Such a native does not like letting go of things, and many times it is exactly such type of lessons that Pluto will bring in his life so that his soul can progress and evolve. In addition, they hate it when someone takes their things without asking them; it disturbs their sense of ownership and the bond they feel towards that object. If Pluto has heavy aspects falling on it, they can even become fetishists.

Pluto in the 2nd house can give many dark and odd sources of income. Usually, these jobs indeed grant good money, and sometimes they are considered as taboo from a vast majority of the world. These are professions that the average person either does not know how to practice or does not want to do. Some examples are working as undertakers or in any other area connected with death, occult researchers and writers, dark artists or sexuality. Pluto in the 2nd house usually does not lead to prostitution; it is when it is located in the 6th house that it can function like that. A 2nd house Pluto person, though, might be the Pimp receiving the money, a porn website owner or a sex-shop businessman. Working with mines, gold or anything that is located beneath the surface can be a great success.

The person can make great business with mushrooms, especially with truffles, known to be the most expensive mushrooms sold. When adverse aspects to “malefics” are present, the person might be connected to underground crime and violence. Other professional areas where such individuals may succeed are politics, blackmailing and pawn shops. The house containing Pluto planet in a natal chart is one of the most intense. From issues that appear in this house, we will learn transformation, and the best thing we can do is allow the planet to take what it wants.

Second house Pluto people might amass big amounts of wealth during their life, but bankruptcies and economic catastrophes are possible to occur. Resisting such changes is something impossible; the best that one can do is to accept them and get reborn in a new light. When Pluto understands that his lesson is learned, it will give back what it took. Most of the times, even more than it took.

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