Natal Saturn in the 8th House

A reader might expect that natal Saturn in the 8th house would bring a lot of difficulties in the matters that the house rules, yet this is definitely not the case. The 8th house can even be a very good placement for the otherwise malefic planet, provided of course that it is well-aspected. Yes, Saturn is indeed a planet that can bring difficulties depending on where it is placed, but it definitely functions in a better way when it is high in the heavens than when it is near or beneath the horizon.

The most important effect that this placement creates is making the native rather serious about the matters of the 8th house. The 8th house rules sex, but not the one of the casual type. Here lays the sex of unification, the mystical experience between two souls. Saturn present here will make the native very selective towards his partners, having a cautious approach about who to bring into their intimate relationships. Saturn may temporarily block sexual activity during difficult transits, but this would rather turn out good for the native’s personal life. When not blocked, Saturn indicates steady sexual encounters inside stable relationships and can actually bring a lot of sex.

Saturn in the 8th house is definitely not helpful for matters concerning loans, banks and other people’s money. The native’s calls for help will usually be rejected; people and institution will not lend him money. As a child, the individual probably did not receive pocket money from his family and was raised without having a sense of owning money. On the other hand, the native does not like such types of procedures and prefers to depend on his own powers. So, the reason of not receiving help may be the individual’s attitude of never requesting some.

When Saturn in the 8th house is ill-aspected, the person must definitely not indulge in creating debts towards others, as he will suffer a lot for returning it. Also, this natal placement can give legacies that mostly consist of debts; it can indicate an inheritance that needs a lot of money to get papers done and generally might create a lot of issues with receiving belongings from deceased ancestors. In addition, Saturn here may bring a very poor marriage partner, whose presence in the native’s life will be a financial burden. A lot of the native’s income may be spent for paying the spouse’s debts.

A well-aspected Saturn in the 8th house is a perfect natal aspect for people who work in banks. They are very thorough in their calculations and keep everything organized. The bank (or similar institutions) can trust them due to their abilities to keep the expenses down and to maximize the income. They have a rather tight grip on finances, and in many situations will be employed in offices that mostly deny financial aid to people. Saturn can project through them in such a way that they become disliked by people when they do the dirty jobs of a bank.

As the 8th house is the realm of death, the presence of Saturn can actually block death itself! The native can live a very long life, forgotten by the scythe-bearing harvester. The native will die in their old ages, from natural causes, while when Saturn is adversely aspected it can indicate osteoporosis or other bone problems that could lead to death. As this placement will most probably grant a long life, the individual will have to withstand a lot of deaths from other people. Indeed, this can be even more fearful than exiting our realm, and Saturn may frequently teach a person through losses. With Saturn in the 8th house, the native will probably lose a person during the Saturn Return, which will be a rather difficult experience that will push him to mature and become more serious.

The eighth house is the house of change and transformation, and Saturn is a rather karmic teacher. An individual with this placement will definitely have to learn how to let go, no matter if it is belongings, beloved people or situations that end. Of course, he will be reborn in a new light, wiser and more experienced to embrace what is of value.

If you have this placement and it brings difficulties, the best remedy is to start accepting changes in your life. Be more open to surrender in your relationships, understand that finances are not such an important thing in life, so learn to receive and give help, learn to cherish delays as a part of a complex procedure and not as an obstacle. Be a little bit less serious about the 8th house matters, and use your smile in anything connected with them. And lastly, break some sexual taboos; this might be the easiest way to start an 8th house revolution against your conservative Saturn.

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