Natal Sun in Sagittarius

When a person has his natal Sun in Sagittarius, it means that he belongs to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and has planet Jupiter as its ruling celestial body. The period of Sagittarius starts on the 23rd of November and lasts until the 22nd of December. Slight differences in the exact hours can occur because we should not forget that every fourth year has one day more than the others. The Sun is the brightest object in the sky, the life-giving star of our Solar System, and also the most important celestial body in astrology. Also called Sol, the Sun is impersonated by the ancient Greek god Helios.

Solar Sagittarius tend to be idealistic, optimistic, reliable, open, friendly, honest and versatile. But they can also be tactless, irresponsible, showy, boastful, smug, arrogant, quarrelsome, bigoted, dogmatic and are real dictators. Sagittarius love any job that involves risk, but avoid scrupulous work. Sagittarius, as a rule, are so frank that they come to straightforwardness. They just express their ideas and opinions directly. Some people think that Sagittarius are very tactless, claiming that they are ready to “kill with the truth.” Despite the non-diplomatic remarks of Sagittarius, people do not see a real threat from them, but on the contrary, they show interest in their information.

Sagittarius love large animals, nature, sports, being outdoors. Some of them have reckless gambling tendencies and are ready to put everything they have on the line. They love traveling and taking long walks, as this gives Sagittarius the sense of freedom they need. Sagittarius are true philosophers, they show interest in the deep questions and mysteries of life. They believe in a better life, and this usually makes them think positively, regardless of the negative things that may be happening in their life at this stage. They want to understand the meaning of life. This is what helps them grow and improve. This goal can lead Sagittarius to exhaustion, to a great waste of energy and strength. They should take rest breaks to recuperate between projects. Sagittarius must learn to focus on their current projects and stick to them to the end.

They are always full of enthusiasm, which is present at the beginning of the project, but then the enthusiasm fades due to the many nuances and details that slow down the work, because of which they lose interest. Sagittarius usually do not complain about health, but there is a tendency to overeat. They are known for their friendliness, subtle humor and willingness to help. They are good interlocutors and enjoy when they discuss something, just to discuss something. They have humanitarian instincts and are practical in their expression. Ready to help anyone who needs it. Solar Sagittarius are very independent and need personal freedom. They may experience claustrophobia, either physical or emotional. Therefore, they do not want to fall into submission and often shy away from marriage. In love, Sagittarius are very romantic, but they need their partner to be communicative and intelligent.

They hate jealousy and a sense of ownership from a partner, because they love to flirt. They are more interested in chasing than capturing. Smart careerists, Sagittarius don’t want to be tied to a schedule, so they will experiment with different types of jobs. They achieve success in their careers if the work is related to travel. They also work well with people, promoting ideas and products. Sagittarius may miss small details, but their sense of planning is excellent. They have a good memory. They like to work with what interests them, and they are also fascinated by the unknown. They love to gamble and travel not for the destination, but for the route itself.

Finally, the Sun reaches its abode of joy, in the mutable fire sign ruled by benevolent Jupiter. Sign of thinkers and guides, of those who see beyond the everyday and transcend borders. It is also the sign related to God and prophecies, religious, legal, ethical issues. It corresponds by analogy to the 9th house, which in the natal chart informs us about personal beliefs and the meaning we give to our lives. In fact, many philosophers have planets in the 9th house, as is the case with Kant, Nietzsche, Bergson, Russell, Wittgenstein, Adorno, Heidegger. Sagittarius people are always looking for meaning in everything. They have a very broad view of life and an instinctive faith in it. Even when they present themselves as atheists, they will believe in something. They have an inexhaustible curiosity but find it difficult to descend to the most practical, routine and mundane matters. Too preoccupied with the forest, they lose sight of the tree.
In Sagittarius we find abstractions and therefore travel. This relationship is not arbitrary. When we travel, we abstract, we leave our local narrowness. For this reason, it does not matter so much if the trip is real or virtual, through books, paintings or music. Proust would say,  the true journey does not consist in looking for new landscapes but in looking with new eyes.
Languages, tourism, embassies, different cultures, customs and religions. All this is linked to Sagittarius. In the natal chart, the planet that is in this sign informs us how we will channel its energy. If it is Venus, we will feel attraction towards people from another country, or at least from a different origin than ours. If it were Mars, the ideas can be somewhat fanatical, controversial or belligerent. Mercury inclines us to the study of languages, translations or international trade.
The transit of the Sun through Sagittarius opens a season of expanding horizons. We feel anxious to move, whether from a city or simply from our daily habits. Let’s take advantage of this igneous push to discover new destinations. Its influence favors all kinds of journeys, excursions, adventures or vacations. Also the intellectual effort, knowledge in general and spiritual openness. Sagittarius is a sign that provides, so during this month their gifts will manifest helping us and making things easier for us.
Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.
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