Natal Sun in the 5th House

The Sun feels at home in the 5th house, because this house is traditionally ruled by Leo. This is a very good natal placement, enhancing the native’s recreational life, love affairs and gives a very playful character. It is a very good natal placement for having children and raising them. Nevertheless, some minor problems can occur with the individual’s ego; it can become inflated to a dramatic point. Already from his childhood age, the native develops great athletic abilities and is very interested in all types of fun and recreation. He is competitive and pleasures loving, a rather popular child at his school and good at developing Alpha male tendencies. In case the chart owner is a woman, she likes to play with the other boys and many times wins, making them even feel disgrace to be defeated by a girl.

The placement creates a child that adores being the center of attention and develops a very strong perception of ego. This is not necessarily bad, as the love of one’s self is vital in order to progress in life. On the other hand, when one loves himself only, this can create problems. Narcissism and egocentrism mostly occur when the natal Sun has adverse aspects with Mars, Jupiter and Venus. The Sun in the 5th house of a natal chart will make the native a good performer. He will probably have a bunch of abilities, such as dancing, acting, singing – whatever that can get him noticed. Careers in arts are favored, especially when the Sun is aspecting Venus or Neptune.

Moreover, such individuals are very good in recreational activities with children, they adore having fun with them. As a result, this natal placement can be prominent in teachers or other professions connected with kids, especially if the Sun sextile some planets in the 3rd house, that promote teaching as a profession. The Sun in the 5th house will give a male first child. Nevertheless, in order to have children, it is better when the Sun is not in a fire Sign, as when it is located in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius the native could have low fertility.

So much fire is not the best for fecundation; the presence of a water or air sign, or a benefic planet aspecting the Sun can greatly increase the possibilities of having a child. In any case, children will play an important role in the native’s life, and he will get involved with his siblings’ or friends’ children if he is not a parent himself. Did we mention that the 5th house is also responsible for partying? Well, as you can imagine, a person with his Sun located in the house will be a party animal. Parties illuminate his life, and he will be constantly seeking the best places to go out.

A big part of his income will be spent on all type of recreational activities, and in case of hard aspects with Mars or Neptune, he will drink a lot or even experience substance abuse. This placement is not the best to have for gambling. Indeed, maybe this hobby is a lot of fun to such an individual, but the Sun in the 5th house would bring mostly losses; the house is illuminated through the activity but does not produce an income. There are possibilities of gaining from gambling or speculation, but only if the Sun trine Jupiter or Venus in the second house, and generally if well aspected.

On the other hand, conjunctions, squares and oppositions of the Sun to Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto are a definite no-no for such types of activities. Play some poker games with your friends, but do not even enter a casino because it could start becoming your home. Since we are speaking about the 5th house, we should not forget to mention the native’s love life. As you already suspect, the Sun in the 5th house gives a very vivid sexuality, a lot of partners and a constant feeling of falling in love. It is not the most stable placement for long relationships; a fifth house Sun will frequently change partners and flirt, preferring to be unfaithful. Usually, this natal placement gives medium-length yet intense relationships, until of course, he finds the right one to have children with.

When the native becomes a parent, there is a tendency for dedicating more time to the children than to the spouse, and even behaving as a child. Frequently, the spouse will be the serious parent, while the native will be the one spoiling the kids and doing monkey-business together. If you have the Sun in the 5th house, you know yourself how fun it is! The only advice that we can give is to be careful with your (probably) inflated egoism.

Our ego is indeed a very important drive for our evolution, but sometimes exercising humility is always helpful in order to understand the real meaning of our ego. Yes, you are a God and the center of the universe. But there is a second part to that sentence, which has to be learned too, so that the equation functions correctly. You are also Nothing, and you are just another center of the universe.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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