Natal Sun in the 7th House

With natal Sun in the 7th house of a chart, marriage and unification will be a very important priority in the individual’s life. This placement is ideal for people who want a good marriage; their whole existence might actually be karmically created in order to find their significant other. The Sun in the 7th house indicates the need to shine through another person, and people with such a natal Sun are not fond of loneliness. It is a very strong indicator of marriage, even when the Sun has adverse aspects by “malefics”. The native feels complete only when united with a significant other, and feel great pride through their spouse. Their self-esteem is directly connected to their partner and will choose one that has a radiant and energetic character.

This planet in 7th house indicates that we live above all according to others, even seeking to have an impact on them or to influence them, but while needing it (to be seen according to the sign). In the couple, there is the search for the passion which will be more or less lived (according to aspects of the Sun). It is obvious that for a woman this position gives great importance to the spouse (since the sun represents the man as such) and can allow a union highlighting it. In case of negative aspects, it is necessary to find a balance between the need to have an influence on the spouse (or on the others) and the fact of giving him (or them) too much importance. It is obvious that in general and in this house, the person can be too dependent on others despite everything,

The good aspects of Pluto will accentuate the passionate side in relationships, but also the power of conviction and charisma… those of Neptune will make you more idealistic and generous with others… those of Uranus will give an ability to motivate and train others, and therefore to assert themselves in an original way… those of Saturn will help stabilize relationships and make them more sincere and serious… those of Jupiter will push for legality in relationships and give more of enthusiasm…those of Mars will amplify the capacity for action with others…the well-aspected conjunction with Venus will give a great need to feel loved by others and will be well lived…the well-aspected conjunction with Mercury will push a little more to communicate well…those of the Moon will help find balance more easily in relationships.

The negative aspects of Pluto will push you to revolt against others or to easily question relationships…those of Neptune will make you too idealistic, hence the risk of being deceived or also having a changing behavior with people. others… those of Uranus will push for more independence, hence the difficulty of supporting links with others, while needing them, so here the risk of rupture is amplified… those of Saturn will give the difficulty in adapting to others, hence the fact of sometimes suffering from loneliness or dissatisfaction… those of Jupiter will accentuate dependence on others while also seeking to be too demonstrative with them… those of Mars will create power relations and tensions with others, or in the couple…the poorly aspected conjunction with Venus will amplify the need to feel appreciated and without always finding balance… the poorly aspected conjunction with Mercury can give problems in communicating well and getting across ideas and desires… those of the Moon can create a difficulty of adaptation to others because of the sensitivity and the emotional level not always in agreement with what the Sun desires.

As always, it is necessary to make the synthesis of the aspects to the Sun taking into account the sign of the Sun and that of the 7th house which is the backdrop of the way in which this domain is experienced.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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