Natal Sun in the 9th House

Natal Sun in the 9th house is a wonderful placement; indeed, who could state the opposite with the Sun located in the house traditionally ruled by the Greater Benefic, Jupiter? The Sun will make the native strive to obtain higher knowledge and seek important ideas and ideals. The Sun can grant him a deep love for travel, making him visit a lot of distant places and for a quite long time. He will not be the typical tourist; the Sun in the 9th house indicates a person who will try to spend as much time as possible getting deeper in the foreign country’s traditions. Such a native will probably learn a foreign language, and this is certain to happen if Mercury is also located in the 9th house.

This planet in House 9 indicates a rather ambitious will, having a high ideal, and centered on knowledge, the need to discover, to learn, to travel, but also in spiritual matters. The person cannot live without an ideal, and does not like limits and constraints, because he always needs to see further, to know more, which is therefore a good position for long studies, for example. . It also gives the need to leave his native setting to discover.

The good aspects of Pluto will accentuate ambition and determination, those of Neptune will push towards idealism and the spiritual, those of Uranus towards the search for discoveries and knowledge, those of Saturn will give stable principles and a thirst to learn, those of Jupiter will push more towards travel and the need for escape (even mental), those of Mars will amplify the need to move and travel, those of Venus will amplify the “vocation” or “passion” side of this house , those of Mercury will accentuate the intellectual capacities to learn, those of the Moon will allow a balance between ambition and everyday life.

The negative aspects of Pluto will lead to reform and revolt against the great established principles, those of Neptune will accentuate the risk of idealization and will lead to the spiritual or the mystical, those of Uranus can give a revolutionary side, those of Saturn will give a more intolerant spirit, those of Jupiter will give the excessive need for freedom and escape, those of Mars a sporty but too energetic side, those of the Moon will create a gap between ambition and daily reality.

As always, it is necessary to make the synthesis of the aspects to the Sun taking into account the sign of the Sun and the house 9 which is the backdrop of the way in which this domain is experienced.

Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope.

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